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Fireteam- Series Finale- Steel Meridian


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Fireteam episode 2 will be posted Friday.

Unless I hear back about a certain job interview, in which case I will either spend Friday drinking myself to death because I'm TOTALLY FUCKIN AMPED that I got it, or drinking myself to death because they emailed to let me know I didn't get it. Either way, that stupid liver will get what it deserves.

Actually, Fireteam episode 2 will probably go up Friday regardless of whether or not I become an alcoholic, I'll just post before I start drinking. Or I just might not get the email and be forced to sit around all day leveling up my bacon sword and my synapse.

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“Hey sarge, I think that’s a tenno crypod down there-” Dedam was saying dumbly, until Dereb grabbed his ankle and yanked it, pulling the marine down to the deck and causing him to land on the hardest part of his body, his head. He was uninjured.


“Shut up and shoot someone! All marines, stay low, suppressing fire!” Deeve ordered.


The airlock opened onto the second story of a multi-level cargo bay, the giant open space criss-crossed with gantries. Above, below, and directly in front of the marines was a swirling tempest of close-quarters-combat, with pockets of marines and crewmen filling the air with lead and plasma. In the center of it all, both sides of the conflict taking care not to damage the prize, was the unmistakable shape of an orokin-era cryo-sarcophagus, and even through all the smoke and fire, the silhouette of a slumbering warframe was visible through the hyperglass.


“Are we going into that S#&$, sarge?” Derew shouted the question.


“Not without dumping a rubedo-load of lead into that room first! Demeg, freefire on priority targets! Everyone else, hit anything that speaks fat cat and then hit it again!” Deeve shouted.


A particularly large and imposing Corpus drone turned on its axis and primed its plasma casters menacingly at the marines, unloading a salvo of energy bolts that ripped across the deck. “Demeg! Drop that toaster!” Deeve shouted.


Demeg squeezed off a round from her vulkar, and with a spark and a crash it was easy to see that the shot punched deep into the interior of the giant drone, slowing it but not causing catastrophic damage. She fired again, and the second round dented the carapace before glancing off the sloped armor harmlessly. “Its oxium armor, sir!” She cried.


“What’s that mean?” Deeve asked, rolling behind a crate as the plasma casters spooled up again and tore another molten rut through the deck where he had previously been.


“It means we’re gonna need a rubedo-load of lead, sarge!” Demeg replied.


“Comin up!” Dedam climbed to his feet. “Get some! Get some!” He shouted, and dumped his grakata magazine on full auto into the oxium drone, showering it with sparks from the impacts of dozens of rounds.


Deeve was about to yell a litany of obscenity at Dedam, but as the oxium drone turned to face him and end his noble career in the Grineer Marine Corps, fire from Dereb’s gorgon slammed into the unprotected fuselage of the turning drone and sheared its wing off, provoking an immediate flatspin into a wall where it crumpled into a pile of sparks and scrap metal below before its plasma caster’s magazine detonated.


This time, it was Deeve who yanked Dedam’s ankle out from under him.


“Dedam, you’re either a tactical genius or a fuckin’ idiot.” Deeve shouted over the sounds of gunfire and explosions.


“I’m a genius?” Dedam asked.


“Your moron antics drew the drone’s attention away so that Dereb could put her LMG on that thing’s underbelly.” Deeve explained.


“Yea, I planned that!” Dedam nodded.


Dereb shook her head.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you wouldn’t mind, we’ve got a lot of Jovian capitalists down there in dire need of some high-velocity monarchy. Say hello to them for the queens.” Deeve ordered.


A napalm heavy appeared below them on the ground floor of the cargo hold, ponderously advancing on a pocket of resistance, his weapon spitting combusting balls of burning oxygen-rich gel plastids.


“Dereb, cover that napalm!” Deeve ordered. Dereb crawled forward, got up to one knee, and began rattling off the gorgon at the crewmen behind the smoking crates that the napalm had lit. Suddenly, an arc of white lightning pierced the napalm and stopped his advance, he stood still momentarily as blood fountained from an entrance and exit wound on either side of his armored carapace, then fell dead on his face like a sack of hot rocks.


“Railgun! Railgun!” Marines shouted across the cargo hold.


“I see it...” Demeg whispered. She inhaled, held her breath, then exhaled while tapping the trigger. The vulkar cracked, and a second later, a dark blue moa pitched over the third floor gantry and clattered to the floor of the cargo hold like an empty beer can, it’s control module blown off by the armor-piercing rifle round.


Demeg’s marksmanship did not go unnoticed, and stray plasma bolts from all over the cargo hold began to find their way into the airlock. Dereb was hit in the leg, sparks flew from her knee, and hydraulic fluid bled all over the deck. Before anyone else could react, Dedam and Derew were grabbing her by the arms and dragging her back down the hall into cover.


“Dereb, you hit?” Deeve shouted back at the marines.


“Just the bionics, but my hydraulics are shot.” Dereb said.


“S#&$.” Deeve thought out loud, knowing that he had just lost his biggest gun. Without significant bionic augmentation, it was nearly impossible to fire a gorgon, the weapon had no stock and no recoil dampening hardware. The light machine gun was useless in the hands of any other marine.


Marines from the other unit began to filter up the hall to where Deeve’s team was, and the other sergeant hunkered down in cover right next to him. “How we doing?”


“It’s #*($%%@.” Deeve said, “I just lost my gunner and they railed the napalm that was suppressing them. I’ve got a seeker and ballista, any ideas?”


“I got one, its not very good, but with no bombardier or napalm, we won’t make a hole any other way.” The other sergeant said.


A plasma bolt singed the crate Deeve was taking cover behind. “I’ve got all day.”


“Have your seeker dump all his latchers and we’ll see if that doesn’t smoke them out. If we can catch a big fish, I’ll reel it in with my scorpion.” The other sarge said.


“I like it.” Deeve nodded. “Derew, get your &#! up here!” Seeker Derew scrambled up to the cover where the sergeants were. “Prime all your latchers at once and give those fat cats the whole skee-ball treatment. We’ll cover you.”


“Aye-aye, sir.” Derew nodded.


“Marines!” Deeve shouted, “Suppressing fire!” Deeve, Dedam, and all the other marines popped up simultaneously, and filled the cargo hold with a carpet of lead from their grakatas and hinds. Derew peeked out of cover, and began wristing latchers down the hall underhanded, one after another. “One out, two out, three out, done!” He shouted.


“Take cover!” Deeve commanded, and the marines ducked down again.

“Sarge, we’ve got runners!” Demeg reported. Several crewmen were running from their peers that had been attached by the rolling bombs. Demeg picked out a Corpus sniper and her vulkar cracked, smashing his helmet inside out and killing him instantly.


A tech was running as well, but the scorpion’s harpoon found him, and he was dragged across the gantry to the waiting marines. Before the drag line was even halfway spooled back to the scorpion, the tech was a bloody sponge of lead from the marines that took the opportunity to dump bullets into his helpless form. When his bloody carcass reached the feet of the scorpion, he was nothing more than a perforated orange pressure suit leaking blood.


The latchers exploded one after the other with a pop-pop-pop, killing their victims. The marines on the ground floor took this as their cue to attack, and the floor swarmed with troopers and lancers. Under the cover of his peers, a torch with an ignis sprinted forward to finish what the napalm had started.


“The boys are going in, secure these gantries, marines!” Deeve ordered, and his troops rushed out into the cargo hold to seize the high ground, sprinting forward and then taking cover behind the railings. From their new vantage point, they dumped grakata fire into the last pockets of resistance, showering moas and crewmen with a rain of lead that splattered them across the deck.


“Hey sarge, I can see it from here, its definitely a tenno cryopod!” Dedam shouted.


“Dedam, if you’re not reloading, running, or shooting, keep your damn mouth shut.” Deeve snapped.


Demeg hunkered down next to Dedam and fed a new stripper clip into her rifle.


Derew came next, his kraken in his holster, he was carrying a grakata he had salvaged from a fallen marine. “I’ve never seen corporate mooks fight like that, they’re holding it to the last man.”


“That’s because if the fat cats F*** up, Alad V will slash their accounts and shares, shaming their families for generations.” Deeve said. “Now keep your heads down and shoot them in the back if they break cover to run, you’ll be doing them a favor, a grakata enema is a lot nicer than what their bosses will do to them if they don’t win this fight.”


The gunfire back and forth began to become more sporadic and the crackling of the fire could be heard in the cargo hold. “We surrender!” A pair of crewmen holding their dera rifles high over their heads shouted, rising from cover. They were promptly annihilated by a hail of bullets.


“Wargasm.” Deeve whispered to himself. The sporadic gunfire ceased completely, and now the only sound to be heard over the crackling fire were the sudden and single pistol shots of marines executing wounded Corpus.


“Don’t seem to be worried too much about ethics today.” Demeg noted.


“Not when it comes to capturing a cryo pod. Word from the officers says these orders came all the way from Mercury, Vor himself. It’s a full blackout, no witnesses.” Deeve explained.


“You didn’t mention that in briefing, sarge.” Derew pointed out.


“I didn’t want to believe it. Hanging around any tenno, whether they’re live or ice-cubed, sounds like bad news to me. I was hoping it was just a case of bad intelligence and we’d just walk this one off.” Deeve shrugged.

“Hell yea, sarge! We’re gonna be heroes, medals and S#&$!” Dedam said.


“You’re an idiot, Dedam.” Demeg shook her head.


“Would an idiot get promoted for being the badass that fought the Corpus off of a cryopod?” Dedam asked, smirking.


“Yes.” Derew added.


“All clear!” A marine below shouted. “All clear!” Another repeated.


“Let’s go get a look at the pod before they take it back onto our frigate, sarge.” Dedam suggested.


“Dedam, you really do have a deathwish.” Deeve shook his head.


“What crawled into you clone vat and died?” Dedam asked.


“Dedam, the odds of being attacked by a tenno cell are one thousand to one.” Demeg explained. “There’s only so many of them, and the solar system is pretty big.”


“Right, so what are you all worried about?” Dedam asked.


“You really are a @(*()$ rubedo-head, Dedam.” Derew shook his head.


“The odds of a tenno attack climb significantly for salvage missions related to orokin-era tech. The odds of a tenno attack climb ASTRONOMICALLY for missions involving cryopod discovery.” Demeg explained.


“Derew, Dedam- Go back and help Dereb get to sick bay so she can get her legs fixed. The fight’s over.” Deeve commanded.


“Ah come on-” Dedam complained.


“On the double, private.” Deeve said.


“Come on Dedam, your frozen tenno friend isn’t going anywhere.” Derew said.


They walked back down the hall to help Dereb.


“Demeg, we need to have a serious talk about that contraband infonet channel you’re watching.” Deeve growled under his breath.


“Are you talking about charging me with thought crimes, sir?” Demeg asked.


“And throw my best marksman in the brig? Not likely. But you are going to shut up about it. That’s an order. Don’t encourage Dedam in his stupidity, no matter how scrambled and worthless his DNA is.” Deeve said.


“Its not bad intel, sarge.” Demeg replied.


“I know its not, and that’s what scares me. I’m sure it scares Dereb and Derew too, and it would scare Dedam, if the part of his brain that valued survival actually worked.” Deeve said.


“Aye-aye, sir.” Demeg nodded.


Deeve saw the unmistakable peaked helmet of a Grineer Marine commander coming near him. “Demeg, go check up on the others. I don’t need the brass getting wind of what we just talked about.” She scurried off.


“Where is your unit, sergeant? Is your fireteam KIA?” The commander asked.


Deeve saluted. “Negative, sir. I sent them to go collect our casualties and report to triage. I had a marine take a plasma bolt to the knee and they need to limp her off.”


“And that takes all four of them?” The commander asked.


“It was my heavy gunner, sir. We were hard pressed to take this fight to the enemy without her, but marines make due.” Deeve said.


“Outstanding work, sergeant.” The commander nodded. “I’m told that you boys up here on the second floor played a pivotal role in breaking these merchant’s backs.”


“Sir. It was unorthodox tactics from a seeker in my unit that flushed them out of cover, sir.” Deeve explained.


“Not a bad call at all, sergeant. Quartermaster says latchers are expensive, I say they aren’t worth rubedo if you don’t use them. Collect your unit and get back to the rally point, I’m sure I’ll be reading your report soon enough. Dismissed.” The commander said.

He would have had us both on the next ship to Grustrag for wiping and reconditioning if he had come up while Demeg was talking about that stupid partisan channel. Deeve thought to himself. Close call.

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O man, finally a good sci-fi military story, and hows it been Doozy?

we're having a conversation in alliance chat about whether or not it is appropriate to cuddle after BDSM sex. Some people apparently don't think it is, and that's bullS#&$. Cuddling is always mandatory after kinky sex. If you don't cuddle, you're not allowed in BDSM.

You know, the usual.

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I cant wait for the next episode. I really hope that they get to meet live Tenno in combat and somehow live to tell the tale. DIS GUNNA BE GOOD!


Though there was one things that felt wrong to me. There seemed to be a lack of shields on those Corpus units.

Its "Damage 2.0 realism." Most grineer weapons deal majority high impact damage, which gets 50% bonus on shields, so unless there's a shield osprey overcharging them like that one time in episode 1, shields are largely pointless against grakata spam. All the grineer weapons we've seen in the story so far are impact guns except for the hind, which is a slasher.

The hind is technically less effective because it deals majority slash damage, but even without any status mods, one tap of the trigger with all 5 rounds on target has a 50% chance to proc slash, which will bypass a crewman's shields and bleed him out.

I usually use the default weapon stats when writing because naturally if I based the combat off of my proc-machine triple formad potatokata, the whole 120 mob invasion mission would be over before I was halfway through the magazine.

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“Alright everyone, take a knee.” Deeve ordered as his marines secured their equipment in the bunks and lockers. “I’ve just gotten back from briefing. The word is filtering down from the top, and for the first time in as long as any of us can remember, its coming down all the way without stopping to be sanitized first for us dumb grunts on the ground.”


Demeg perked up. She of course had a history of dabbling in censored material and should have been prosecuted for thought crimes a dozen times, but Deeve brushed it under the rug to keep his crack sharpshooter. Hearing that information was actually coming all the way down the chain of command without being filtered was very interesting to her.


“Yea, they wanna tell us how badass we are for kicking fat cat @$$ all over the outer system.” Dedam gloated.


“Shut up, Dedam.” Derew interjected.


“Outstanding work there, Derew.” Deeve said.


“Outstanding work?” Derew asked, confused.


“Telling Dedam to shut up. Dedam, shut up. This is coming down from the top because it concerns all of us. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the big morale mission of our careers. You will never do anything more important for the future of Earth and the Grineer Marine Corps in your lives, this is the big dance.” Deeve explained.


“They tell us that S#&$ the minute we drop out of the cloning vat, sarge.” Dereb rolled her eyes.


“Yea, even I know that.” Dedam said.


“Shut up, Dedam. It’s a good thing your greatest contribution the cause was getting drafted into the Corps, I can’t image you in civilian life without someone constantly telling you what to do.” Deeve said.


“Get on with it, sarge.” Demeg interrupted.


“Right.” Deeve nodded. “As you are probably all aware, the fattest fat cat of them all, Alad V, is a complete nutcase and has a history of taking the Corpus to the science fair. He brazenly experiments on captured tenno and sells orokin tech to the highest bidder, and most recently, he attempted to weaponize a highly volatile strain of infested to purge his enemies and critics within the Corpus. A tenno cell stopped the spread from @(*()$ up the rest of the galaxy, but Alad still succeeded in wiping out a significant number of his enemies within the company and consolidated his stranglehold on the board of directors without much of a personal loss.”


“So what’s that whackjob got to do with our cryopod?” Dedam asked.


“Dedam, that is the first intelligent question I have ever heard you ask in your entire life.” Deeve said. “And I’m getting to that- Ladies and gentlemen, that cryopod is Alad’s latest new favorite toy, and he’s going to want it back. Expect action against the Corpus in the future, this is an action item on his to do list.”


“Sir, the Grineer Marine Corps and the Corpus have been fighting over Orokin tech for decades, cracking Orokin derelicts and looting them is what Captain Vor lives for.” Demeg said.


“That’s true, but this is a completely different show. Initial reports and scans seized from the Corpus transport’s science deck indicate that this specific cryopod holds some kind of tenno that is very interesting to Alad V- More interesting than his usual freakshow pet projects. If the data is correct, and our own scientists have no reason to believe that it isn’t, this tenno is some kind of biological warfare expert, and has weapons and capabilities based on stabilized strains of infested DNA.” Deeve explained.


“They knew along what they were sending us after. This wasn’t a routine deep-system patrol at all.” Demeg said.


“We don’t know that, Demeg.” Deeve said. “Because we weren’t told. But we know now. Welcome to the Grineer Marine Corps.”


“What does Alad V want with some kind of frankenstein bio warframe?” Dedam asked.


“Dedam, you might have two braincells to rub together after all.” Deeve said, “If Alad V were to get his hands on Orokin bio-tech, he could perfect his weaponized infested strain, and as even you might be able to imagine- The queens aren’t interested in letting that happen.”


“But if that’s the case, why are we holding onto it? Wouldn’t it just be safer as a search and destroy mission?” Dereb asked.


“Many of the officers in the briefing asked the same question. None of us want to babysit such a high value target, and have the Corpus and the tenno chasing us across the galaxy to get it. But the scientists say that not only do we want to keep this new toy from Alad, but it is of significant benefit to the Grineer as well. We are being re-routed to Uranus, to drop this package off at Tyl Regor’s doorstep.” Deeve explained.


“But he’s the chief research scientist in charge of Grineer gene repair!” Demeg gasped.


“Correct. And as some of you might have known, infested DNA structures have been proven to be incredibly sustainable. Autopsy scans on some infested organisms reveal them to be as old as the Orokin age. Our scientists know of no upper limit for how long an infested organism can live, many of them seem to be immortal until killed in combat. If this biological weapon warframe is carrying equipment with stabilized and controlled infested DNA strands, it may hold the key for stopping, or even reversing, Grineer gene degradation.” Deeve explained.


“So you’re saying that test tube tenno frozen in the cargo hold could have the answer to stopping clone gene degeneracy?” Demeg asked.


“We’re gonna be heroes!” Dedam shook his fist with excitement.


“That’s the spirit, Dedam.” Deeve said, “I have to go to another shouting session with the rest of the NCOs. I’ll see you guys in the galley at chow time. Dismissed.”


Deeve left the room.


“Am I the only one that’s pumped about this?” Dedam asked.


“Dedam, Tyl Regor is already a marked man for every Corpus hunter-killer proxy and tenno assassin cell in the known universe. The only people who actually want to halt Grineer gene degeneracy are the Grineer.” Demeg explained.


“So?” Dedam asked.

“So we’re #*($%%@.” Dereb said.

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That, kids, was Fireteam: Plot Exposition!


Tune in next time for Fireteam: Romantic Development!


Then, Fireteam: Preparation Montage!

no, no.


You've got it all wrong.

Alliance chat is for romantic development. That's where we go to talk about books that have more kinky sex than 50 Shades.

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omfg Doozy is back?!


I cant believe it!


I've discovered Out of Frame when u were already gone and i've got to say, along with Katakuna, you are the best out here!


Insta-following this thread.


PS: Important question that any of us who've read Out of Frame wanna know... are you going to continue that story?


Because a couple guys tried it (one being quite nice at it, Zephyr) but obviously... you are the master.


Pleeeease, tell us you will continue Out of Frame too!

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omfg Doozy is back?!


I cant believe it!


I've discovered Out of Frame when u were already gone and i've got to say, along with Katakuna, you are the best out here!


Insta-following this thread.


PS: Important question that any of us who've read Out of Frame wanna know... are you going to continue that story?


Because a couple guys tried it (one being quite nice at it, Zephyr) but obviously... you are the master.


Pleeeease, tell us you will continue Out of Frame too!

In doozy's own words: "It just would have ended up with all the characters pairing off and screwing like rabbits."

Fireteam appears to be a side project while he has a lull in RL projects, so hey might as well fill that space with some fanfic, right?

I suspect he's okay with duhadventure taking his own spin on Out of Frame, so... hey. Best of both worlds, right?

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In doozy's own words: "It just would have ended up with all the characters pairing off and screwing like rabbits."

Fireteam appears to be a side project while he has a lull in RL projects, so hey might as well fill that space with some fanfic, right?

I suspect he's okay with duhadventure taking his own spin on Out of Frame, so... hey. Best of both worlds, right?

Yea, he told me to not make it like a military version but not as you know... end of your 1st sentence... 

I don't know if people want fighting or Jersey Shore tenno....

Don't expect any crossovers though... at least unless doozy asks me to. The way mine is formatted wouldnt really work out with his.

Edited by duhadventure
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So, alliance chat is that 'contraband hacked channel' Demeg is constantly listening to? 


Demeg is probably a nice girl and I'm sure she's a classy lady. The woman she's named after, on the other hand... Well I don't know her and that's none of my business.



omfg Doozy is back?!


I cant believe it!


I've discovered Out of Frame when u were already gone and i've got to say, along with Katakuna, you are the best out here!


Insta-following this thread.


PS: Important question that any of us who've read Out of Frame wanna know... are you going to continue that story?


Because a couple guys tried it (one being quite nice at it, Zephyr) but obviously... you are the master.


Pleeeease, tell us you will continue Out of Frame too!


This is why I do this.


In doozy's own words: "It just would have ended up with all the characters pairing off and screwing like rabbits."

Fireteam appears to be a side project while he has a lull in RL projects, so hey might as well fill that space with some fanfic, right?

I suspect he's okay with duhadventure taking his own spin on Out of Frame, so... hey. Best of both worlds, right?

 STMPD is right.

Out of Frame will probably never continue under my authorship, its done for me. I did have a lot of fun writing it, especially retired dominatrix Saryn, who was based on a real person. But the way it was and the way it was going, it would have never continued on the forums without being deleted, and I had to put creative effort into other projects. Out of Frame also blossomed under the care of Cedric, who used to be our regular fanart community mod, but he no longer works for DE.

Of course, if anyone else wants to continue Out of Frame, the story of drunk, hard-drinking bro-tier sex-crazed tenno, then I won't stop them, just don't be surprised when I don't come in and help out. I do not read the Out of Frame threads by other authors, its not my baby anymore. Just remember that it always was the story of drunk, hard-drinking, bro-tier sex-crazed tenno.

Fireteam is in a different vein and is my side project while I work on other stuff. Out of Frame was funny, sexy, and drunk because I typically write adult content, and I am currently in the middle of writing a novel about the sex industry, so that's where all the sex stuff is going right now. I've only been working on it since 9/21 and its already 33,000 words long, which is pretty fast writing even for me, and I'm a speed demon that can knock a full length novel out in a month.

So Fireteam is getting all the gore, violence, and horror that the sex book isn't, because for the first time in like a year I'm writing about something that doesn't have anything to do with genre fiction.

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