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Fireteam- Series Finale- Steel Meridian


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Demeg was suddenly awake. That hurt.


She didn’t remember falling asleep. She remembered darkness, she remembered pain, she remembered horror. She realized she must have passed out.


She tried to open her eyes. That hurt.


One of them didn’t exist. That hurt.


The other one couldn’t. That hurt.


She tried to scream, but something was gagging her mouth. It tasted like the synthafiber canvas of her uniform, soaked in spit, blood, and something else. Something bitter and something sweet, but bittersweet wasn’t the word, they were two separate flavors. Whatever it was, she knew immediately she didn’t want it in her mouth anymore.


She realized she was alive. That also hurt.


She didn’t expect to be alive. That hurt the most, being dead would have at least been relief from pain.


She tried to move her hands, they were bound. She tried to stand up, but her legs didn’t obey her. At all. It wasn’t even that her hydraulics were shot or her prosthetics were smashed, there was just no response from them, as if her neuro-synapse implant unit was severed. She couldn’t even feel the synthetic ‘phantom limb’ weight that was installed in her cybernetic wetware that allowed her to feel the weight and pressure of her cyborg limbs.


Why am I alive?


“Thou canst not operate thine legs. I hath disconnected thine inputs.” A slithering, feminine voice confirmed her darkest thoughts.


It spoke Grineer.


It spoke old Grineer, the aristocratic dialect that the queens and the court used. An older version of the language that was mostly only spoken in conversation by the upper crust of Grineer society.


Why am I alive?


“If thou swearst not to cry out, I shall ungag thee.” The slithering tenno said.


Not scream? How could she not scream? She’d scream like hell.


“I would advise against it. Raising a clamor now wouldst only alert thy compatriots to thy location. Verily, I shall slay them.” The tenno hissed.


Demeg realized the tenno was right. She could scream, but if she did, marines might hear her, and then they’d fall into the tenno’s trap.


That was why she was still alive. The tenno was playing with her squad’s emotions.


“I’m blind.” Demeg whispered as the gag came off.


“Thine eye is swollen shut by thy wounds. Thou shalt recover fully, in time. Thine other eye is lost to the ravages of the Tysis.” The voice explained.


“Why do you speak old Grineer?” Demeg asked.


“All tenno art polyglots. We never speak the orokin tongue except within the dojo. We learn the tongues of all our foes. An age ago whenst I slept, this was how thy people conversed.” The tenno explained.


Great, so the tenno was as old as old Grineer. Here I am, the prisoner of a space assassin who was killing marines since the beginning of the current queen’s dynasty.


“Are you even human?” Demeg asked.


“Art thou human, clone? What givest thy authority to question?” The tenno slithered.


“I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to go assassinate Tyl Regor. You know you’ll never make it, they’ll quarantine this ship. You’ll never reach him, even if you kill every marine on board.” Demeg said.


“Thou speakest falsehoods.” The tenno said.


“You think you’re that good?” Demeg asked.


“Tyl Regor is not the target of my cell. Assassination is the providence of the Loki and Ash frames.” The tenno explained.


“BullS#&$. If that’s not your mission, what is?” Demeg asked.


“To sow terror among thy people. To bring nightmares amongst thy meddlers who would rob Orokin cribs of their slumbering babes.” The tenno answered.


“What are you?” Demeg asked.


“Saryn.” The tenno answered in a single word. “The horseman of Plague. Thy compatriots wither before me. Terror is the wine of my cell, the bread of Saryn and Nekros frames. Ours is the fear.”


“Your cryopod’s log was doctored by Red Veil. You were a plant.” Demeg said.


“How didst thou gain this knowledge? Art thou a partisan?” Saryn asked.


“I... I’m a thought criminal. I surf the propaganda channels on the infonets.” Demeg admitted.


“Is it not dangerous to commit such wanton transgressions in thy culture?” Saryn asked.


“Sedition is punished with lashes from the atterax or re-socialization at the Grustrag facility.” Demeg explained.


“That wouldst explain thy little toy I purloined from thy effects.” The Saryn said, and Demeg knew she was referring to the listening device hidden inside the tampon in her pocket.


Of course, she would have searched my person.


And now she could listen to every communication channel on the ship. I really #*($%%@ up now.


“What are you going to do with me?” Demeg asked.


“Bait.” The Saryn said.

That word had not changed from one version of the Grineer dialect to another.

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 Still, why chose theatric old english? :o

It's not old English. It's old Grineer.

Grineer don't speak English... Especially not after they got their voice files grineerified into their own language. Just like Corpus speak Corpus, and robots beep. When Darvo sends you an email to tell you about a gun he has on sale, do you think that email is actually in English? It's in Corpus. English has been a dead language for probably thousands of years in the Warframe universe.

But when you read it, you see English, because you can't understand Corpus, because Corpus is a fake language that only has a transliterated alphabet plastered on crates and walls.

It's like watching an action movie. Bad guys don't speak their own language, they conveniently speak your language, just with thick foreign accents, because you're too lazy for subtitles.

So when you read about Grineer or tenno talking, you aren't reading English, you're reading translated English.

So if Grineer speak English, and a tenno speaks old Grineer, then old grineer would sound like...  Old English.

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I would die to see that century-oldfashioned Saryn meet some 'modern' warframe. That + Doozy's humor... don't wanna miss it. 

she is a 'modern' warframe. Remember, the cryopod log was doctored. She just hasn't learned any new grineer english because she's pretty busy shooting them. Also, Fireteam is more faithful to the source material than Out of Frame was.


this is becoming way more interesting then ever,

overall slides away from the "keepers of balance" concept all tennos should follow in an honourable way

Do you want to be the good guy so badly that you believe everything the Lotus tells you?

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Do you want to be the good guy so badly that you believe everything the Lotus tells you?




She seems to have good intentions at the most. We can only speculate as to why we killed the Orokin, whether or not it was under her mantle... etc etc etc.

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Fireteam will update probably some time on sunday.

I wanted to say maybe tonight but I don't think that's gonna happen because im going to be out all day and then I'm going to have to walk the bastard (dog) when I get home.


EDIT- I suck and its going to be monday. Hopefully. Blame the dog.

Edited by Doozy84
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Okay, lost sunday due to working out followed by being lazy after working out. Won't happen again.


Just kidding, expect it to happen ALL THE TIME. I had the worst cheat day ever on saturday so now I have to hit the weights like crazy this week.


ANYWAY, let's see what our favorite death-prone marines are doing on monday night...


“GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!” Dedam shouted.


Deeve grabbed him.


“Did you see that S#&$, sarge? Did you even see that? She’s gone man, that thing took Demeg, and she’s gone. F*** this, man fu-”


Deeve slapped him.


“I wanna go back to the barracks, man. I wanna go back to Phobos. F*** this, man-”


Deeve slapped him again.


“Square your S#&$ away, marine.” He told Dedam. “You’re the idiot that wanted to see a tenno, are you happy now?”


“Sarge, what are we gonna do?” Derew asked.


“Dereb, what’s your sit rep?” Deeve asked.


“FUBAR, sir. My bionic arm is #*($%%@, and my gorgon is a puddle. I’m down to my sidearm.” Dereb said.


“Well, at least you’ve got that marelok.” Deeve sighed.


“I’m shooting left-handed, sarge.” Dereb added.


“And you’re righty. I know. Of all the genetic defects they actually managed to fix in that god damn clone vat, they picked left handedness.” Deeve mumbled.


“That’s not actually a genetic defect, sarge.” Dedam suddenly added.


“Private Dedam, nice of you to join us, just in time to say something asinine, as usual.” Deeve rolled his eyes.


“With respect sir, what the F*** are we going to do? We just lost our two biggest guns, Dereb is sidelined, and Demeg is MIA. If we still had a sniper and a machine gun I’d give us decent odds against a tenno, but two pistols and a handful of rifle rounds? SNAFU, sir.” Derew asked.


“Well we aren’t dead.” Deeve said.


“Except for Demeg.” Dedam added.


“You better hope that she’s dead, marine.” Deeve grimaced.


“Why?” Dedam asked.


“Because getting killed by that tenno freak is bad enough when its fast, imagine how much worse it might be if that psycho can take her time.” Deeve shivered.


“What do we do?” Dereb asked.


“First, we hope for her sake she’s dead.” Deeve said. “Then, we go after her.”


“Are you @(*()$ crazy?” Dedam asked.


“No, just as half as stupid as you. Listen up marines, we’ve got a trail. When that thing grabbed Demeg, it snared her legs with some kind of tether, and she got hit too... There should be blood, hydraulic fluid, some kind of trail. We find that tenno, we kill it. If Demeg’s alive, we save her. This is the only way it can end now, we have to hunt that freak down.” Deeve explained.


“F*** that, sarge.” Dedam said. “Let’s just go with our original plan, finish the patrol, file a bum report, go get some chow and hit the rack.”


“And then what Dedam? Come back in twelve hours and do this S#&$ again? Listen up marines, they’re going to keep sending men down here to look for that thing. Whatever kind of creepy orokin tech is on that freak show, they want it, and we’re a long way between planets. We either kill it and spend the rest of this tour of duty sitting on our asses laughing about it, or we keep getting sent down here into the &#! end of this ship looking for it until it kills us. This is the best chance we’ve got, and the best chance Demeg’s got, if she’s still alive... And I hope she isn’t.” Deeve explained.


“What if its a trap?” Dereb asked.


“It probably is.” Deeve said flatly.


“F*** that.” Dedam said.


“Listen Dedam, we’re down to our smallest guns, my two best trigger fingers are out of action, and if that thing doesn’t get us today it will get us tomorrow. Don’t think for a minute we won’t get sent down here the minute we get off our racks after eight hours if we come back up. You’re F*** out of choices, you can die slow when the tenno kills you, or you can chase her down and die fast. If I gotta go, I’d rather go out chasing that monster, at least that way it won’t hurt as much.” Deeve explained.


“F*** that, all those choices suck.” Dedam said.


“Welcome to the Grineer Marine Corps.” Deeve said. “What about the rest of you?”


“S#&$ sarge, I don’t think any of us figured we’d live long enough to retire.” Derew said.


“Dereb?” Deeve asked.


“If Demeg is alive, we have to find her.” Dereb said.


“She’s not. Pray to the Queens she’s not.” Deeve growled. “Dedam, you’re on point.”


“Why the F*** am I on point?” Dedam asked.


“Because you’ve got the fastest gun here now. If you see the tenno you can just dump your magazine. That’s the best firepower we’ve got now Dedam, besides, you’re stupid enough to be that lucky. With sixty bullets in that thing, one of them’s gotta be a winner.” Deeve said.


“What about you?” Dedam asked, “A hind ain’t bad.”


“I don’t want you in the back of the line right now.” Deeve said.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dedam asked.


“You look a little too AWOL right now, Dedam.” Dereb said.


“Yea, you look like you might lag behind, get lost, run home.” Derew added.


“The F*** is wrong with you guys? You want to die?” Dedam asked.


“First time for everything, Dedam doesn’t have a deathwish.” Deeve mumbled. “Get moving, marine, we’d come back for you if you were Demeg.”


“No you wouldn’t.” Dedam said, but he took point and began marching.


Deeve didn’t want to tell him he was right. Besides, if Dedam deserted now, Deeve would have to put a bullet in his head and give his grakata to Derew.


They followed a trail of blood, scum, and hydraulic fluid down the tunnel. The skid of grease mixed with human gore eventually grew dry and got spotty, then faded completely into the damp, sweaty confines of the labyrinthine tunnel floor.


“Guess that’s where the trail ends.” Dedam said.


“Keep going.” Deeve grunted.


Dedam walked forward fifty yards. Something slick and greasy glinted in the murderous twilight. He gave the signal for silence.


The team hit the wall.


Dedam gave the all clear.


“What was that about?” Deeve asked.


“Something... Creepy.” Dedam said.


“The F*** are you on about?” Deeve asked.


Dedam flicked the flashlight on his grakata and shone it at the shining patch.


It reflected off a puddle of grease mixed with blood, painted into barely legible Grineer script.




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Quick question Doozy, referring back to when Saryn said she is a terror frame along with Nekros what would make Hydroid then? I can honestly make a good guess out of the rest but him.  

honestly I never even thought about some of the newer frames, but that's probably just because I'm not really into them. I think they're more gimmick than warframe. Mirage is kind of cool, I want to like Hydroid even though he's just Dr Zoidtenno, and I still think Limbo is just a bad dream I haven't woken up from yet. He reminds me of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, I expect him to throw roses at bad guys. It doesn't really help that I think his abilities are really gimmicky and goofy. I don't even get Zephyr... A flying warframe in a game that's 90% corridor crawling?


I dunno... Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. I still haven't even logged in long enough to quest up the archwing. If I could tell the devs what to do I'd probably tell them to halt development on new frames and prime the existing ones. I think we're good at 21. PVP balance would be cool too, but I don't expect that to ever happen. This game was always a PVE shoot'n'loot and it always will be, they'd have to re-program from the ground up to balance pvp now.


"Game over, man!  Game over!"  Ahahaha, that reference... I love it.  Did anyone in the Fireteam wonder if it was better to nuke the place yet? c:


It's the only way to be sure.

Edited by Doozy84
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Now that I've read that word "tether" I wonder... if there are more tenno on the ship other than Saryn ._.

nah, just havin fun with the scoliac.


I thought about giving her the Mire or the Dual ichor, but she would have just killed everyone immediately with ichors and bacon sword is kind of boring. Scoliac is fun, nobody uses whips (S#&$ why would you? Zorens and Ichors are OP as F***) and you can do kinky stuff with it like wrap people up or drag them around. Better for a horror story.

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-snip- Mirage is kind of cool -snip-


Mirage would probably be awful to fight against. 


It would be kind of like fighting Loki, but with more fingers being blown off, and legs stuck in airlocks. Lots of toying and trolling.

After which she'd get bored and obliterate them in a storm of bullets.


And that is why I love her. (well that and dealing more damage, more consistently than my Banshee)

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Do you want to be the good guy so badly that you believe everything the Lotus tells you?


More or less... Cpt. America syndrome... waiting for my personal "Civil War"



"Game over, man!  Game over!"  Ahahaha, that reference... I love it.  Did anyone in the Fireteam wonder if it was better to nuke the place yet? c:



eheheh :p

Edited by Phoenix86
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 If I could tell the devs what to do I'd probably tell them to halt development on new frames and prime the existing ones. I think we're good at 21. PVP balance would be cool too, but I don't expect that to ever happen. T


It's the only way to be sure.

but... its an uneven number o.O

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Hydroid would acutally be kind of creepy to deal with. Since he can turn into water, our dear fireteam could be harrassed by water - lapping the wrong way. Every dripping pipe could hide a Hydroid.

Also, tentacles.

Edited by S.T.M.P.D
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