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Ship Communication (Creepy/awesome Idea)


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So I was afking and just thought of the creepiest idea possible or it would make me shiver in my Tenno ship a bit. Now as you know you hear Grineer communication in your ship, now what if as soon as you killed a boss this would happen.


Ordis would say this 'Well done Oper....ator (static) 
Stalker : z...zzzz (static ) Tenno.... Yo (static)u can...not h....hiide forever
(static clears up) I'm coming for you.

(Ordis) Operator I seem to encountered an error in my system, attempting to to to to, Hello Operator well done on your mission.


leave your feedback but I think as a player this would give me chills down my spine, now I know the stalker doesn't have a voice so I thought DE could put all the lotus, Ordis, Vayhek voices together so it is kinda like Stalker's voice is still a mystery. Because all you hear is whispers of his voice when he appears on a mission to kill you.

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