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Computer Crashes After Playing Warframe For 5~10 Min

Guest khk6

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EDIT: Sorry, Ive just tried playing another game and it crashed the same way, looks like it it wasnt the games fault.

Thanks for the replies.


Im no expert in computer so im not sure what exactly is wrong, but ever since the last update my computer crashed twice in a row while playing warframe for a bit. First crash was during the loading screen while attempting a online match, and second crash was during a mission in solo mode. The screen turn black and freezes with sound rapidly hitching, so I had to shutdown my PC by holding down the power button. 


Hopefully it gets fixed tomorow so I can get my gleaming talon :(

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My whole pc crashes after 5 minutes playing warframe since 14.6.1 Maybe the last patch broke our PCs? I was playing with maxed graphics on a GTX 660 I'll try minimum graphics now.


EDIT no problems at all at minimum graphics.

Managed to crash only the GPU and not the entire system by alt tabbing very fast. Sent crash report.

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