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What Should I Do?



Well my Excalibur is RANK 24, Karak Rank 14, Lex Rank 13, Dual Heat Swords Rank 13 , each weapon and my warframe is equipped with some decent mods. I got rare ones to but they are mostly for shotgun and other stuff. I have all the parts needed for the Rhino Warframe, chassis, system, helmet and blueprint. What should I do now?

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Build rhino? Do you have potato on anything?
serration(rifle damage)
hornet strike (pistol damage)

point strike (melee damage)
vitality (hp)
redirection (shield)
Streamline if you have one
intensify if you have one
level excalibur to 30, try to get alert aura mod for frame
"What should i do?" Do you mean what next weapons build or build something else instead of rhino like umm trinity?

Clear all missions from every planet.
Do nightmare missions to get all nightmare mods.
do orokin derelict vault runs (dragon key) to get corrupted mods
do defense wave 20,   survival 20 min stuff  to get mods
Check what mod you are  missing. Melee stance? Check wiki who drops what you need.
dark sectors -> life strike for melee
void fancy stuff like forma


edit: op is not following his own topic. :L

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Find all the damage mods (Serration / Hornet Strike / Pressure Point / Point Blank) and get them to about half rank or more.


Find and max all the multishot mods and elmental mods that go to 90%.


Max the damage mods.


I do not mention crit, because crit mods are fairly common. You'll find them by accident.






Clear the star chart, doing every mission one time.

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My first frame after Excalibro was Ash. My first melee was Skana, but I then upgraded to Dual Ethers, which I potatod and still treasure. For primary, Karak is good, I used Tetra, Paris and Boltor preferred Paris.

Lex was my second secondary, but I preferred Sicarus. Twin Vipers were disappointing, I then got Angstrum and totally love it.

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