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Time Lords, and their weakness would be Humans. 


Okay, okay.  I'd put in a flying quadripedal sentient race that had a weakness to heat.  They'd pretty much exist in the emptiness of space, just wandering around chasing space ships.

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Self aware robotics built by the Orokin before the Tenno to combat the Sentients that had survived said war


Strength would be that they have the most powerful units in the game


Weakness would be that they are far and few between, and would have to have a close eye kept on to make sure the Corpus don't manage to capture them and integrate their technology, like the Sentients had done.

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Space pirates/outlaws, they would be like a faction of basically stalker-sequel type of enemies that randomly attack you during missions you do, well more like they are raiding the same lets say corpus ship or Grineer ship you are. They would be a neutral alignment, something like in between the Grineer and corpus, making deals on all sides and serving only themselves. Their technology would be a hodgepodge of Grineer/corpus/corrupted/infested tech, basically they are Junkers or scrapers that get by on pillaging ships, excavating wrecks, making shady deals, and whatever else they can to survive.

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Wraiths (Energy Beings)


Health : Above average

Shield : None

Armor : Low


Weakness : Fire, Cold, Electric

Resistance : Blast, Magnetic, Viral, Radiation, Corrosive, Gas

Immunity : Slash, Puncture, Impact, Toxic


Attributes :

  • Unaffected by gravity, all Wraith-type enemies can freely move through the air while incorporeal


  • There is no collision when moving through space occupied by a visible Wraith but doing so rapidly drains shields while causing the HUD to flicker with static


  • Can assume a physical form as needed to move faster; doing so makes them capable to be collided with. While in this form, Slash, Puncture and Impact damage becomes a Resistance instead of an Immunity. They can revert to a non-physical form as needed


  • Most Wraiths attack using combined elemental damage : Blast, Magnetic, Viral, Radiation, Corrosive


  • Wraiths are capable of short-range teleportation dodging while in non-physical form


  • They aren't affected by geometry, do not trigger doors while in non-physical form and they move faster when having line of sight of an enemy


  • Some can be intangible and invisible in a room where others have spawned, meaning that a small group of Wraith might actually hide several others out of sight. Once they become visible, they cannot return to invisibility and can be damaged.


Appearance and enemy types :

(if I had any talent in drawing, I'd put some sketches here)

  • Appartition : The most common form of recently reformed Wraiths, they appear as ghostly masses with a single, unfocused 'eye' light which color usually represent the type of elemental damage it can inflict. They wander about and attack in pairs or trios, sending energy blasts at anyone in sight.


  • Spectral Lord : These Wraith will materialize into a physical form for combat, shrieking as they do from the pain and attempt to rend their enemies with claws. If engaged at range, they will return to an incorporeal form to 'jaunt' forward closer. When close, they will attempt to dodge melee attacks to the sides while they try to rend their enemies.


  • Phase Gnat : Half the size of a human, those are Wraiths which, for one reason or another, rushes their enemies. Knowing of their eternal state of renewal, they attempt to move close so that when they are destroyed, they explode as they release all of their energy to deal damage, hoping to take along their victim. They are able to scale walls in their physical form while attempting to blindside their target while floating in a form similar to a smaller Apparition.


  • Shifter : The Shifter's attacks in incorporeal form will cause the target to be blinded for a moment, darkening the screen of the victim while sometime flickering it in the same manner of an invading Stalker. The blindness will wear off after a few seconds. Once the Shifter 'tagged' an enemy in this manner, it will assume a similar physical shade form to its victim's and move to hunt down other enemies of the same faction (i.e.: it's like having one of Nekros' clone starting to hunt other members of the group; if a Tenno is tagged, it'll focus on other Tenno; if it's a Grineer, then it will attack other Grineer). While it can assume another's form, it can only attack in melee this way.


  • Collossus : A rather interesting, if rare enemy. The Collossus appears if three Apparitions of the same element are huddled together, forming into a massive physical form ressembling a horned gorilla with three 'eyes'. This form is incredibly resilient and immune to Blast procs. While slow, they can grab an unwary enemy and kill them outright by crushing them unless a decent amount of damage is inflicted by allies in-between the moment being grabbed and being crushed. Unlike other Wraiths, the Collossus cannot return to an incorporeal form once formed.

In all cases, the physical form of all Wraiths seems to be composed of hard light, turning their energy into material to interact with the physical world. Thus, even if they then become physical, they appear as if their bodies were made of glass with angular shapes in sharp contrast to their incorporeal form which is always unfocused and somewhat 'foggy'.



Lore :

The Wraiths, often misinterpreted as ghosts, are believed to be an ancient civilisation that attained a form of incomplete enlightement and transcendance. In doing so, they were able to leave behind their physical bodies and become beings of pure energy. However, the process was discovered too late to be incomplete which left their sentient mind unable to cope with the strain of living eternally. With no means to return to their dead physical form, the Wraiths often attempt to force it into existence which leads them to experience both the weight of the material world while also sending soul-crushing pain through their entire self.


Wandering the universe, a group of them seems to have made it to the fringe of the solar system and began to wander the planets. Some think that they might be as old or even older than the Orokin and in a desperate, longing craving for their previous lives, they seek any sort of sentient civilisation whereupon they jealousy attempt to steal the bodies of living organisms, preferably evolved and civilized ones. In doing so, they are often met with violent resistance which has eroded any remaining strand of their sanity and made them no longer able to seek aid in a more diplomatic manner.


Sadly, 'defeating' a Wraith only disperse its essence for a time which might take several earth-days to gather once more and each such 'death' only serves to infuriate them that much more.

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