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Random "furniture" Placements In Rooms


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Maps are generated procedurally. Cool. But after hundreds of hours of running through the same rooms, it starts to get boring. I enter a room and know what is where. Always the same. The only surprise in it is: which door do I have to go through to the next room.


A room as a whole is probably not created from modules like types of walls that quickly stick together, ground that fills the place and so on. It is carefully constructed by human beings. Thus completely random room types are not achievable.


What Is in fact possible: Random placements of boxes, barrels, terminals and other objects. Take a big room, take a random object and place it randomly on the marked region of the floor so it doesn't collide with the walls or other objects, yet still provide at least a narrow path to walk by it and through the room. Barrels and boxes can be stacked on each other up to the ceiling. There are rooms that could make full use of this feature. Like a hallway on Jupiter filled with boxes  to the ceiling with a missing box ▓ on top for agile Tenno or ospreys.



█     █       








I hope i shows up right.


Clutter on the way to avoid or jump over would make running more interesting. Not every room has to be modified. Some of them might have been cleared by MOAs already. There are some object that act as ramps and shouldn't be removed. Also explosive barrels could be dropped on enemies by shooting cranes or something similar. Makeshift bridges (steel panels on boxes) could be destroyed by shooting the supports (or barrels near them). Enemies would fall down taking damage and being staggered. Rolling barrels unleashed to crush anyone in their path. Clever ways to get rid of enemies. Or just slow them down. It could spice up the repetitive missions. Even without these sort of traps.


It shouldn't be that difficult to make.

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