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continuity > general sargas ruk, boss of saturn.
streamline > grineer, you can try grineer defense T3

The stalker only spawn if you have a stalker's mark, several mark increase the chance of encountering him as well as multiples player in the group that have a mark too. To kill him... good luck.

Glaive prime >

Blueprint Tower III/IV Exterminate Blade Tower III Survival (Rotation C)
Tower IV Interception (Round 1) Disc Tower II Defense (Wave 15+)
Tower IV Survival (Rotation C)

to farm oxium i highly recommend to do every corpus alert, i noticed that oxium osprey (the only enemy that loot oxium) spawn way more often in alert.


Before asking those kind of question i recommend you to check here => http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

You will have ALL your answer regarding "where to find what" and even more.

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Regarding the stalker, slash weapons and magnetic weapons are best. I recommend a Quanta with max damage mods and Magnetic element to tear his shield. Then you can keep it trained on him and run around in circles. Easy battle. However here are my other recommended Stalker fighting weapons:

Soma (high crit, slash proc)


Boltor (even the non prime version with a max damage build can put a hurting on him)

Those are just a few, but try to use hitscan weapons with large magazines. If you have a team with you, just run around and they will kill him for you (hopefully)

Trichouette already covered the farming for the mods and glaive prime.

For Oxium, alerts like he said, but also some of the Survival/Defense missions on low level corpus planets can spawn a couple per run, and them being low level it won't take much to kill them off. But if your looking for a direct node to farm from, stick with Baal.

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