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Rank Up Doesn't Happen Some Times


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Hi all,


a few times already I had this issue: I click on Rank Up and then starts the loading screen. When it finishes, I go back automatically to the ship and the timer is reset, so I have to wait again 24 hours, without having been able to do the test and thus rank up.


Does this happen to somebody else? Am I doing anything wrong?


Thanks in advance. 

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I had the same issue today :( wanted to rank up to lvl 2, after i clicked "rank up" the loading screen appeared for a few sec, but the exam didn't start, the game just went back to my ship, and i got the 24h timer. hope it will work tomorrow ;//

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Just found this on the list of Known bugs on PC (as of U14.6.1) in this post:


Reports from more than several PC, PS4, and XBOne players about not being able to take the mastery rank tests (similar to PS4 and Xbox One) and just being kicked back to the Liset etc... For info and an UPDATE on this issue see here:  Relevant Thread 1 & Relevant Thread 2


EDITED: In the Relevant Thread 2 I found this possible solution: don't try to rank up in the same game session as you reached the points to rank up. restart the game before


It's worth a try. Hope it helps others who posted here and have the same issue.

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Trying to go from 16 to 17, three times i've run the test of the last two weeks all with the same black screen for 20-30 seconds and then the flying ship screen back to home, then told i cannot try to rank up again for 24 hours.


Very annoying. But i suppose new scarfs and color me kubrows are more important.

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