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The Rank Up System [Feedback] C:


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Hello !


This is just a little feedback I'd like to give, I do not want to attack the current Rank System at all C:


Okay, so I've noticed that the 1st Rank Test is basically targeted to weapons such as a Braton (Correct me if I'm wrong !).

Now, of course, if you prefer to use something like the Paris, this is naturally going to be slightly harder, and most people opt to buy another weapon. And that's that. But I don't feel like that is very friendly towards people who prefer archery.


So what I want to say is, would there be any way to adapt these Rank Tests for different weapon styles ?


Like if you use the Paris, there would be accessible vantage points, since that is usually what you would search for in a mission.


I understand that this might be quite hard to manage to make, so I don't mind it all if this would never be changed. But hey, just throwing it out there !


Have a nice day being a space ninja !

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