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I was thinking about how much I detest being stuck in the DOS-esque menu shuffle, and the way DOS handled it: Hotkeys.


Yes, you can navigate to X or Y or Z by clicking through, but you also would get a shortcut via a hotkey assigned to X or Y or Z.


If we could just assign hotkeys that function whenever we're in a menu, that would be great.


I'd very much like to skip to the arsenal from navigation and back again, without shuffling a half dozen menus each time. If we had hotkeys, then pressing my arsenal key would take me to the arsenal, and pressing my navigation key would take me back to the navigation.


I'm not really sure what the best assignments would be for it, but the destinations are obvious--the same as the stations on board the liset. Just being able to rapidly navigate between those 7 would do worlds of good. "Friends" and "Clan" menus would also be ones I can imagine wanting quick access to, and something for the "Inventory" would probably be useful as well.


For the console players, I imagine most of the buttons on their controllers are locked out of use while in menu mode, so it shouldn't be too difficult to offer them the same utility.


This option would make life a TON easier for players, and would do so without having to negotiate much on the display at all. If you don't like them, you don't press them. Everyone wins.

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Hotkeys for quick menu navigation would be a really nice thing indeed. I probably wouldn't use them for everything (as rarely as I use the e.g. the market, a hotkey would be wasted on it), but for the most used items. Should they add this, we'll need tabs for the keybinding menu to split up the list (e.g. Movement/General, Mission/Combat, Menus, ...).

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