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[ Bullet And Arrow ] Recruiting Friendly Players!


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Hello there! Bullet and Arrow is now recruiting loyal Tenno!



Who are we ? What is the clan's objective? 


We are a friendly small Shadow Clan (30 players max). We are not elitist. We do not pursue dark sectors or solar rail affairs.


All we want is to help people enjoy the game and have a good time playing. We want our players to be friends, have a team of tenno that they can rely on to do runs, farm anything (or even feed ourselves to wild Kubrows if needed!) and have a place to hang out and talk with nice people.


It doesn't matter if you're a new player that needs to learn and adapt to the game or a veteran seeking a reliable team to avoid all the matchmaking hysteria and paranoia, we want to help you!



Who do we want? What are the requisites for joining?



We started by recruiting all kinds of people as long as they were friendly but now I'm afraid we have a few simple conditions since (if it goes like last time) there will be a lot of people wanting to join. Here's a simple list of what we want in our players:


-Over all and most important be friendly.

-Must Speak English. This is a must. 

-European players prefered (lag issues for clan runs will be avoided if players are from the same region) but anyone is welcome.

-Be crazy enough to understand our jokes (?)

-Don't be afraid to talk in clan chat. (also, we do not have nor plan to have a voice program like TS or RaidCall)

-Willing to participate in the clan runs.

-Be mature. We don't want people that flame or insults.

-Commit to the game, this would mean that you are going to be a Warframe player and you won't quit. We DO NOT MIND if you have to be gone for some days but we want players that love Warframe and want to keep playing the game. Everyone has a life and we know it better than anyone since we ourselves need to be offline certain days. But we don't quit the game.





 How do you join?


Almost everyone we have at the moment can invite you to the clan, but here's a list of the 3 main admin players you can contact in-game to get inside:



-Domaik (Me, the clan's Admin(warlord) that hates to be called boss)

-Vulbjorn (The Oily Beard Architect)




How many players are we looking for? 


Recruitment now open


 We are 28 players right now. Our goal is to fill the clan with good people until the max is reached (30 players) We have certain members that joined, have been active for a few days and have been gone ever since so we are not too sure if they are going to stay or not. (this is exactly what we are trying to avoid this time)


Clan Dojo Specifications


Here is where you poop your pants...lol


Now on a serious note, we have worked to have a really amazing and beautiful dojo, I'll leave some pictures down here with the maps and screenshots.


About the labs, all the researches have been finished and you're free to replicate them to build the weapons!


Clan's emblem:







Dojo pictures: (pending update for the new coloring but these shall suffice)



Dojo Map:



Middle Floor (Spawn and utility (and 4 reactors)) Planning something for the un-asigned doors soon!

Bottom Floor (Reactors and more reactors)


Top Floor (fun area)









Since we have a lot of screens to show and the forums won't let us post all of them here, you can have a look at all of them in this album, just click them to see them on their actual size






Feel free to bring your friends too! We want players joining the Clan to have an epic time playing and enjoy all the time they spend in the game :)
So that's pretty much it, if you have any questions post below and I will answer them
Special thanks to Vulbjorn for the amazing drawings (banner) 
Important: If you have been kicked out of the clan for inactivity (we kick after 30+ days offline) and want to join again do message us to get you back inside
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In case anyone still reads this, enjoy our dojo fun shot. Dat background tho... (Disclaimer, that shot does not mean we are making a solar rail. We are NOT making a solar rail. Dang that's misleading. Ah well... I guess ill have to live with this grievous mistake.)


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hi guys
there is a specific time range where there is most of the players of the clan are online
because usually very few people are online



Yes we are all from EU and during EU times we have quite a lot of active members and clan runs ongoing...that's why the post said EU players prefered...

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