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Survival Is A Travesty, Still.


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Yes, deliberate title.


For months we have been giving the feedback about Survival, for months it goes ignored.

When you can't even make 10 minutes because of lack of enemies it needs some attention.


I'm going over the same ground I do every single time with this feedback.

Some tilesets are worse than other, it happens solo so is not other players breaking spawns.

It happens in teams, it happens if you move around or if you camp supply drops.


8 minutes on the Gleaming Talon alert, less than 130 enemies killed, Infested enemies, the ones that swarm a player.



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Maybe im not understanding but i solo'ed a T1 & T2 survival this morning with level 19 mag prime and a boltor. No secondary or melee or sentinel. Was just re-leveling the frame. I had extra time to run around and open safes for credits. Maybe it just happens sometimes and i did'nt experience the lack of enemies. I got 25 minutes on the T2 run and decided to head to extraction cause honestly i was just trying to burn a few keys and i had the wrong mag build loaded. Forgot the vitality and was not happy with the 210 health.

I know it's beside the subject but weather i play 10 min or 10 hrs with any frame and weapon. I will crash soon as i play something on earth so putting the crimson dervish alert on earth really friggin sucked. Knowing there's still a problem on earth should have been reason not to put a good alert there....Grrrrrrrrrr

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You know nothing of what ur speaking!!!

Months? lolololol

Since surv exist it as been broken.


Now seriously.

Yah, would love to see the dev's finally fixing surv once and for all.

Some maps not enough enemies spawning, on others not enough lotus supplying capsules, and some both.

This forces players to exit/loose earlier for lack of air, instead of extract/loosing because it gets hard.


T3 surv used to be very broken, it was fixed, and now its T2 surv that is broken.

Most of mars survs have severe enemy spawning problems.

And ALL endless missions (surv, def, etc) in jupiter suffer from the worst spawn rate in the star chart.

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DE has not explicitly stated, but I guess that Survivals will be much more like Excavations. 


A life support generator 'drops' or is otherwise teleported to inside the ship.

We go around shooting Life Support carriers instead of Power Cell carriers (same model).

Instead of insta-picking life support, we pick up a life support capsule. 

Run to Life Support Generator, charge it. 


After providing ~60 seconds or something the Life Support Generator self-destructs, and the Lotus sends another. 

Maybe the Life Support Generators will be vulnerable to damage in Survival 2.0, like extractors are. 

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I feel the whole game is based around having a Nekros.

Droprates suck because otherwise farming would be too easy using Nekros.

The same goes for Survival.

Having a Nekros in survival  makes it almost impossible to run out of LS.

Then when you don't have a Nekros in your squad, you will barely have enough LS to get to 10-15minutes.

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I find it most problematic in tier 1-3 void survivals. The spawn rates there seem so sparse it's virtually impossible to make it to 20 minutes without a Nekros in the team.


A little off-topic but it's pants how that is pretty much the only thing Nekros is considered useful for... out of all four of his abilities.

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