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Punch Through Not Affecting Bows When Hitting Allies


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Bows equipped with punch through mods are unable to pass through friendly units. Friendly units being any allied AI during an invasion, other players, sentinels, etc.

This has been an issue for several months if not longer. Tested today with just the Paris Prime with maxed Metal Auger and maxed Shred and tested with just Metal Auger to attempt removing any possible interference from mods on the weapon. Previous tests concluded the issue was present with the following weapons.

Ballistica, Dread, Despair, Paris, Paris Prime, Cernos, Tysis, Kunai, Despair, Castanas, Hikou, Bolto/AK, Boltor, and Acrid.
No tests were done on any weapon released after Hydroid. Tests were done by simply having an ally stand by a breakable object and attempting to shoot through them.
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*Lines up head shot on a grineer*


*Kubrow walks in front of me*


*Lines up multi kill shot on a corridor of enemies*


*Random Tenno walks in front of me*





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Its not a bug, weapons that fire a "Slow" projectile are not affected by punch through/ are effected very little. 

Except it works fine when using the Ogris, Penta, Torid and works fine on environments twice as thick as the sentinels that keep stopping the shots. Any issues with the mechanic not functioning (in general) on projectiles were fixed with 9.7



Since this was prior to damage 2.0 and the renaming of the mechanic/stat it still lists the change to the puncture mechanic instead of punch through.

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