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Kela De Thaym's Proposed Slight Rework, Introduction Of A New Bow.


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Kela de Thaym does not fell like bad boss IMO. 


The weapon she uses though, is unimaginative. She just plain fires an Ogris on the players. 


I think that Kela de Thaym should uncover the research Vor was doing - or she participated on it - to create the Seer, the first Orokin-Grineer hybrid technology weapon. 


She would then modify the Cernos bow, and create one of her own. 


Her Ogris would either be replaced wit ha Cernos using thunderbolt, so that her shots explode every now and then, or she would carry 2 primary weapons - bosses can do that. 


She would hit hard from far away like a sniper she is, but her shots would have travel time, to give the player a chance to dodge. 


Kela's Cernos (whatever it's called) would, like the Cernos, be a mostly impact damage and proc, but be more powerful, being in line with the Dread and Paris Prime. 

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But a gatling rocket launcher would be too difficult to dodge, unless it's small rockets like the Hellion's rocket barrage. 


Although my point here is have an excuse to have a premium version of the Cernos. 


There are 3 types of bows, and each one excels in one dame type: Dread is Slash, Paris is puncture. Cernos is impact.


But Dread and Paris Prime are head and shoulders above the Cernos. 


A Cernos Prime could come around, but it could be more interesting to have it as a hybrid Grineer weapon, even if just to avoid overusing the 'Prime' trope. It would still have Prime-ish gold bling of the Orokin tech incorporated, but would also have Grineer tech overtones. 

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I don't think a bow fits Kela's style, she's a character whose thirst for ridiculous explosive destruction and warlust really fits better with rocket launchers and other bulky, heavy weapons. I am all for an additional bow weapon, but I don't think this is how it should be introduced.

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