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Clan Emblem Review Before Submission





I've already uploaded a emblem that has been rejected, probably because of copyright (i saw the rules, but i would like to have this logo). I uploaded as it was. Whatever. Here i am with a different logo, that is just a simple transformation of a probably copyrighted picture (i don't know the image status actually).


I'm not a designer and i have no talent for this. However, i think the transformation is "good" enought to be validated, but i would like to know if this kind of picture can be a problem. I've already lost 150p, i just don't want to lose more.




Thanks for your contribution.

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Alright, here's some samples; see imgur album.


Considering I can make like, 100 variation of eyes or teeth alone, please be precise in your feedback.


I've shown some color inversion because honestly I prefer the white on black version.


The last few one have had some minor details added. 


Let me know what you think. 

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3d3UYb6 is great, with your permission, i would like to use it.


However, if you have extra free time, i'm curious about seeing those eyes/mouth integrated in fire icon like those:




It was my idea at first, but i used a standard mask for the precedent picture just because i don't know how to do this (i mean with a pretty result). If it's too complicated, just give up.


Thanks for your time ;)

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