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Warframe Build Modding Could Use Some Work


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everytime I make a new build I really want to put more utility mods but end up skipping them because of the very limited mod space
especially towards end game of course Im gonna pick up those strenght,duration,health,range,shield mods
over the utility mods

and its sad cause some of them could be really cool
I just dont wanna sacrifice my battle effectiveness for that extra slide or wall run efficiency (you know what Im getting at)

heres just couple of ideas I came up with ( I do not think devs will ever make these, these are just IDEAS that might or might not work)
I  think separate sections for utility,survivability and damage mods on warframes could increase the possibilities for different kind of builds

maybe if there were 4 spots for each section? basicly giving you much more mod space overall
I think the balancing could possibly come from locking each section so you cant put any other type of mod than its intended type making it impossible to make "super build" (this could be cool for guns too maybe slightly altered)

or would that make the system too limiting instead?

also I have always wondered why are abilities considered mods?
I think everyone agrees its not fun taking abilities away  just to make your build work

maybe make the abilities always permanent giving you those extra 4 mod slots?

what do you guys think?
lets discuss

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