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This Is How I Play Warframe Everyday. Fps Problem

Guest killine



Its weird though. Lowered the resolutions, graphics settings, not using DX10 and DX11 in the launcher, patch in 3GB pagefile like the Warframe support told me. I upgraded my vid card from gtx 210 1gb to gt 630 1gb. Ive been playing warframe smoothly before U14. Idk what DE did with the graphics fixes. Im just now playing warframe less than 1 hour everyday unlike before which is 3 - 7 hours every day. The framerate is unbearable. I hope they fix this after or before U15. If not. Meh, time to move on. Its time to deactivate a completionist account or give it away.

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Try doing the following:

Press the Start button and type "firewall" in the search bar and then click "Windows Firewall and Advanced Security". Then go to "Inbound", click "New Rule", select "Port", then select "UDP", and for "Specific Local Ports" put "4950, 4955". Then click "Allow Connection" and leave Domain, Private, and Public selected.

Let me know if you see an improvement.

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