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Wts Common? Pattern Sunika Kubrow

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I am looking to sell the imprints of my very first Kubrow, Bruce Wayne!


I am very new to Kubrows however based off of what I've seen on the trading post here I know that my Kubrow is rather common looking and probably not worth much. But I figured maybe one person might see something they like about Bruce here and place in an offer. I don't really know how to price it since I am brand new to the Kubrow scene. I know it is probably not worth that much but If you guys could help me price it that would be great. And Maybe also let me know what features I missed out on.



I don't really know much about it other than:


Patchy Fur Pattern


Pink/Purple Eyes


and that it is Very tall.


I took some screenshots to better show it off.






-The Last screenshot here shows how tall he is, When Ash is walking and his back is straight up the Kubrow meets him about face to face.


Oh and almost forgot, Here is a Puppy picture : http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/541878445341380326/D9824834DC44193A5FF88758926128D14A35B836/

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