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Quick Question.



I've recently joined a clan, after leaving my previous one (I say this in case it has something to do with my doubt), and this clan has an emblem, while the previous one did not.
I got some plat laying around and I thought I shouls by the emblem for my warframe but the preview thing doesn't show the clan's emblem! I don't know whether it's supposed to be like that or if there's some weird bug going on, and I'd like to know before I spend 50 plat on an emblem depicting "nothing".

Thanks for the time, and have a good one!

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It'll update and show the curent clan's logo, even if you change of clan.


The preview doesn't show the emblem, but it's there after you buy it, equip it, and leave the emblem equip. At least it does that for me.

Thanks for clearing that for me :D I appreciate it!



But with 50p, you could spend it on a Reactor, and/or a Catalyst which are both much better choices for your first chunk of plat. Plus you'll have 10p extra

I know, I know these are 50 plat I got from a 20% off my first purchase and 4 euros laying around on steam xD

Thanks for the advice anyway! :)

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