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Back To School Stance Alerts Cannot Be Completed


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I squadded up today to help some clanmates get through the stance alerts.  We started on Caloris to get Gleaming Talon, but when we started the mission, it was capture rather than defense.  This happened 3 times in a row and my clanmates were unable to get the alert mods.  


One of my clanmates made the attempt 3 times prior with pubs and had the same issue.


The problem resolved itself as soon as I dropped out of my squad and had them do it without me.


My conclusion is that the alert is bugged and will only go through if no one in the party has already completed the alert.


Has anyone else been having this problem?

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the host has to be the person who hasn't done the alert. well, at least that's what i sort of figured out last night as i tried to help my friend do one of the alerts and i've done it already.


we switched to him hosting the game and the alert came on just fine.


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