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Vortex Bugged?


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 me and my Girlfriend were playing a defense and when i threw a vortex down she would shoot a anti matter drop with a 5 forma  Boltor Prime. the AD would explode right next to or in the vortex and nothing would take damage. i thought it was the lag she was getting so she shoot it at mobs i trapped in the Bastille as well as mobs running the map freely and both time's the mobs took anywhere from 50k-200k damage. so I'm just wondering if this is a bug for the vortex it's self or its a new mechanic DE put in so AD and Vortex cant work right together. 


Further testing with a 5 forma penta and ogris shooting directly into the vortex and nothing is taking any damage . this goes for Corpus, Grineers, Infested and the Corrupted 

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