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Most Epic Stalker Fight!


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music was more epic than fight itself


and actually stalker behaved as if was after someone else and that someone was in range of his bow - the last time he got onto my clanmate during void survival run when friend got into longrange stalker totaly ignored me meleeing him and tryied to shoot "target" with his bow (behaviour was very similar to this one on the vid)



and as a finall proof of my thesis: where is stalker trasmission about his failure? (if he really was after you you'd get that one)


stalker is just focused on his target and as long as he can atack target he will atack target

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by the look of it id say the stalker got so embarrassed from the teno killing him that he went on a drunken bender that ended with him trying to end his life in the reactor core. only problem was hydroid was there. and he would rather kill the stalker and take all his stuff then ever letting him kill himself.


cause why let the dread got to waste if ya know what im saying XD

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