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New Alert Rewards Killing Trade!


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I have already beat this game. Fact is I did like it. I wanted to make more characters and rank and upgrade them. But I shouldn't have to constantly drop cash for plat everytime I build a new warframe.

No, you shouldn't.

It's probably a good thing that you don't then, isn't it?



If catalysts and reactors would drop in alerts on a regular basis then it wouldn't be an issue.

Technically, they are 100% regular. You are guaranteed one alert every two weeks unless real life hits DE hard. That is regular. Not frequent, but regular.



I'm just saying if your giving the best stuff away for free that is putting a hit on the trade system have a way for us to get the things we need so I don't has to sell a kidney to keep enjoying the game.

It may be putting a hit on the trading system, still don't have to sell a kidney by any measure. Play a true P2W game, and you'll see the need for kidney selling.

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As you all know we have been receiving rare mods from the most recent alerts. I just wanted to say thank you for killing the trade system in the game. Now that everybody has the rarest mods no one is buying any. Did you forget people trade so we can afford to buy your expensive reactors and catalysts so we can upgrade our warframes and weapons? Why can't we just buy the blue prints from the market with credits like almost everything else. I'm sitting on 14 warframes and cannot upgrade them because the lack of reactors and catalysts. Thank you for killing trade and trying for force us to buy things that should be obtainable in a so called free to play game. Like always. Free to play pay to win.



Less qq more pew pew OP


This alert event(If you can call it that) is something that was much needed.  So a few greedy little lazy tenno don't get thier platsheckles for a few weeks. boohoo. no one cares.  The drop rates on most of these mods are absolutely ABYSMAL


You need plat? Support the game, buy it with your own money. Don't want to? Don't.


Don't let the door hit you on the way out.



Okay that was mostly rude but still, chillout dude. things will go back to normal in a few weeks.



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