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Warframe Website Not Responding Again.


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oh good i thought it was just me, i'm loading it from cash cos what i'm looking for isnt the latest news


turns out what i want to look at isnt in cash either :3


i think we need a "tenno contacted has been lost due to maintance" with a wee chubi excal running along like a loading symbol, and the page refreashing every 5 minutes till maintance is complete

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I'm currently facing this issue: warframe website is not loading. Also load time on the forum occasionally stutters. I can press X (the refresh button, not the close window button) on Chrome to stop loading and usually the page will come up fine. But this doesn't work on the main warframe site. It comes up a garbled mess, no background, all the links in a column on the left of the screen. This has been going on for the past 18 hours or so.


Here's the clincher. I don't have any similar loading issues (or any other issues for that matter) when browsing other websites.


Here's another clincher. When browsing on my phone (also chrome) on the same wifi network, I don't encounter these issues, whether on the forum or the main site. 


Has my machine been infected by the infested?

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