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Kubrow For The Afk



Okay, so, I'm aware of many casual players who play only once every few weeks/months.


With the alerts this week, they all can now have a kubrow(not something you could probably pull off as a casual otherwise, given the lousy drop rate on eggs).


One thing I'm suddenly wondering: I know kubrows degrade and eventually die if you don't use DNA stabilizers on them.


However, I don't know how that functions. I *do* know that if I log in every day for 3 weeks, and never stabilize, my kubrow dies.


What happens if you don't log in for 3 weeks? Will your kubrow die anyway? Or will it go into stasis?


If you put it into stasis, you have to put up with the 3 hour defrosting period. That completely deters casuals from ever bringing a kubrow out of stasis.


So, what happens? Do the kubrow die while players are afk for a month or two when "real life" gets busy, or do they only degrade on days when you log in?


I'd like to know what to advise the casuals, but as I play daily, I don't have the slightest idea how it works for them.

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yup, regardless of whether you log in or not the DNA will still go down 10% per server reset. Meaning at max HP it would take 20 days for it to die. Though DNA stabilizer heal 40% once per day it isnt a bad price (75k per pack of 6) for 24 days of DNA @ 100% if used once every 4 days.


If you put it in stasis then you deal with the 3 hour thaw but its completely fine.

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