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The Unbeleivable Happened.


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A little over a month ago, the unbeleivable happened. I was minding my own business. Tending to my Kubrow, adjusting my Vectis. Sharpening my Dragon Nikana. Customizing my Akvasto. When i had a raw deal on an imprint trade.


I asked in Region chat on how one could see what the Kubrow looked like before completing the trade, since i was not yet used to the changes. One person answered. A beautiful Ember Prime who showed me how the Kubrow ticks. We became close. We took up arms together against the Corpus and the Grineer.


After a while. Something happened. Love blossomed. As we kept fighting together, it became stronger. Until one day, we decided to meet eachother in real life. See what was behind our Warframes. And we had a very romantic evening together. Since then, we have been meeting alot. And that love growing ever stronger.


Amidst the fighting and bloodshed, amidst an unsure victor in an everlasting conflict, we keep fighting. But now, together.



I write this as a thank you.


Thank you DE. For bringing me and my lovely Junai together. She is truly the best thing that ever happened to a lunk like myself.


Keep doing what you do guys. You are legend.



Wolf and Junai with love.



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Good to see people hooking up together in a game over something they enjoy.


I wonder how many tenno have met up through this game that have resulted in mini-frames/babytenno/kiddiframes <insert tinyname here frame>. ?



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damn you, why i can't find one that like you OP !?




The thing is, i used to feel that way too and ive been alone my whole 28 year old life. Up until now. It goes to show that anything is possible, even in games. Dont look too hard, let it come to you. That way it comes naturally and not forced. I thought it was impossible at first too. Just never give up, keep being yourself. And never stop beleiving and anything can happen when you least expect it. Like with me and Juna. And that is the best way it can possibly happen. Stay strong and let love come by itself. I can vouch personally for that it works. That goes for everyone here.


I salute you all and wish you happy hunting. Keep the Corpus and Grineer at bay. Who knows what you might find some day.

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