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Difficulty Settings.


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Difficulty Settings: ( Easy // Normal // Hard // )

I Prefer NOT to increase mob level by each difficulty , INSTEAD i prefer to have more mobs running at you, ( till the point where u get swarmed ) , offcourse this would create a exploit where players would choose hard mode only to gain the most materials possible, so i would suggest the following:






A little less mobs then usual, the game is a pushover.( a few levels lower then original )


How the current mobspawn is, can be tons, can be small groups.( the normal level for the mobs related to mission info)


Tons of mobs swarming you, attacking from all sides. ( only big groups and a few levels higher)

THO CAUTION: I dont want Hard mode to end up like a T3/T4 match the main idea is to increase the spawnrate on a higher difficulty.



This enables the player to play the difficulty he/she prefers, and wont be stuck in a match that is “boring” in the player experience, you can spice things up.


New players often find themselfs outclassed in each and everyway when a experienced player steamrolls the map, this would give the “steamrollers” a alternative then taking poor new player kills, and pick on someone their own size ( hard mode ), leaving the new players / halfway players together so they can fully enjoy the game also.


Experienced players often find themself screaming their name trough the map ( Echo ) cuz it so darn empty after they did their thingy. ( blow up map for example ) hard mode would allow a bigger / and more rapid mobspawn in higher numbers maybe also.




Problems & Possible Fixes: ( more problems or possible fixes, post them and I will add them here !)




They would drop more in a hard mode map, making the choice to go into hard mode wheter u can handle it or not attractive knowing there are strong players in the map that can help you survive and gain a massive loot for your level.


Make hard mode unlock when you played the easy/normal mode once. ( or maybe like 5 times even)


Link it to conclave ( for example map is Mercury – Lares)
easy / normal mode does not require any Conclave rating, but hard mode would require at least over 500 conclave for example. ( All numbers i bring up are subject to change its just to give a main idea).

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This setting would be great on survival, there are so many instances where enemies just don't spawn fast enough to keep the oxygen up.

i agree


but one problem with survival is that it should be about "How much can you take" , and not about " how much air have i got left" , it also raises questions like why wouldnt the enemy cut me off from life support in other missions if it would benefit them? etc, but thats a topic for another day imo survival should just be a timer and mobs that increase in strenght at least then u can actually experience a gamemode with freedom , life support could just be removed if you ask me and it would still work fine , people leave around 30-40 min , ( to much heat ) , noobs wont get yelled at for wasting life support , and i wont need to run my azz off to make it to extraction cause there is 0% left when i still have not even gotten close to my limit , survival should be how far can u go , and yes matches will take 40 min - 1 hour - 1H+ ( pro ), but that would just be the fun part and a good reason for me to do more survivals, but like i said topic for another day lets keep this one about the difficulties please ^^) !

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