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Help With Pricing Kubrow

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Hey guys,


Can you give me a hand in pricing for these kubrows. Couldn't find any guide on how kubrows pricing works


Name: Athena 

Size : Big and fat? bigger than artemis
Type: Huras 
1st picture i changed the base color to black to see the striped clearer


3rd one











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After the kubrow customization patch, the price depends on how many "not-obtainable-through-customization" traits " ur dog has.


Lotus mark or X-plodge (leg stripes) seemed to be highly preferred along with natural colors not available in palette.

(white red yellow orange blue)


Bulky body is a plus. Some ppl just look for bulky body while some are picky about height as well. (even though height is not inheritable trait)


I doubt ur dog will be priced 3 digit plats (100+), but Im sure it falls under 30~80p line. 


HOWEVER, it is just my opinion and preference so just to make sure, I recommend you searching the forum with keywords and look for a similar dog. 


Athena's body pattern is called "Hound" and Artemis is "striped" (obviously :P)

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