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Wts Or Wtt


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Bo Prime Ornament 5x

Bo Prime Blueprint

Boar Prime Receiver 2x

Boar Prime Stock 2x

Boar Prime Blueprint

Boltor Prime Stock 4x

Boltor Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Barrel

Braton Prime Stock

Burston Prime Receiver 3x

Burston Prime Blueprint

Fang Prime Blade

Glaive Prime Disc

Latron Prime Barrel 3x

Latron Prime Receiver

Latron Prime Blueprint

Paris Prime Lower Limb 7x

Akbronco Prime Blueprint 4x

Bronco Prime Blueprint 2x

Ankyros Prime Blueprint

Orthos Prime Blueprint

Loki Prime Blueprint 3x

Mag Prime Blueprint 5x

Mag Prime Chassis 3x

Ember Prime Helmet 2x

Ember Prime Chassis 2x



Stabilizer 2x

Toxic Barrage 3x

Vicious Spread

Vile Precision 2x

Tainted Mag 2x

Tainted Shell 2x


Seeking Force

Hell's Chamber

Accelerated Blast

Hollow Point 2x

Steady Hands

Pistol Pestilence

Stunning Speed 2x

Lethal Torrent

Ice Storm 2x

Virulent Scourge

Heavy Trauma

Energy Channel

Spoiled Strike 2x


True Punishment

Corrupt Charge

Power Throw 2x

Focus Energy 2x

Reaping Spiral 2x

Sinking Talon 2x

Fracturing Wind 5x

Clashing Forest

Burning Wasp 2x

Swirling Tiger 2x

Iron Pheonix 2x

Cleaving Whirlwind

Homing Fangs

Coiling Viper

Sundering Weave

Eleventh Storm (Maxed)

Enemy Radar

Pack Leader 5x

Scavenge 5x

Link Shield

Link Health

I need these below:

Ember Prime System

Ember Prime Blueprint



Waiting for replies


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