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I'm Looking For A Female Huras With A Greyhound Build

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Body build (skinny, medium, bulky) will transfer through imprints. So if a skinny kubrow is what you are going for, using skinny imprints will work for you.


However, Height does not transfer through imprints, in my experience. If you clone a kubrow using two identical imprints, the height of said kubrow can turn out to be anything.


So basically, if you are trying to get a short and skinny kubrow, your best chance is getting skinny kubrow imprints and just rebreeding(using the imprints from that same kubrow after maturing, again and again) until RNG favors you with the height that you want.


Likewise, gender seems to be random as well. So go ahead and get female or male imprints, it shouldn't matter. Your chance of getting a female will be 50/50 either way.

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