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Boar Prime Status Chance Bug(In Game-Play)


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When  Boar Prime's status chance reaches 100%, the actual status chance in game-play becomes 0%.


Detail description:

The weapon I use is Boar Prime.

With 99.1% status chance, everything works fine. I see a lot of impact, slash, and blast procs in game-play.



However, when status chance reaches 100%(the status chance is capped at 100%), I never see any status proc during missions. The actual status chance in game-play becomes 0%.



I've tested several times both in online and solo mode. The results were the same.

Would you please fix this bug? Thank you so much. : )


Sorry for the lag and low quality, my computer is really old, but it's clear that there is no status proc in the video at all.



Edited: Upload video.

Edited by yles9056
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Strange. In my experience, the UI will display a downgrade to a 0% status chance but when I go into a game it is still applying with 100% chance.


Hold on, let me upload game play video.


Edited: Uploaded video.

Edited by yles9056
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