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Notification Alert Is Nightmare, Please


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could you put some indication on alerts that they are nightmare mode please?


there was just an alert on phobos and i thought it was a normal alert, and so did apparently everyone in my pub. we load in and no shields with level 31 enemies. everyone had frames and weapons they were training up equipped so we got slaughtered on the first group and had to go through the whole host migration deal while everyone bailed.


i went and loaded up my level 30 oberon with level 30 gears/mods and joined again. followed around playing healer/rez'r and managed to get it done with the next group.


its just if there was a notification on the alert somewhere that it was nightmare mode you could have saved me a decent chunk of time. normally nightmare modes have the obviously changed color on the planet map and also have the skull icon when you highlight the zone. why is this not also true on alerts? 

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Nightmare Mod Alerts are always Nightmare Mode; I agree, however, that it probably ought to be made clearer in-game for those new (or otherwise unaware—either because they've forgotten, or because they for some reason don't recognize the mod on offer as a nightmare mod).


EDIT: To further clarify, Nightmare Mod Alerts are specifically no-shields Nightmare Mode.

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