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Making Nightmare Alert More Obvious


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I, among others, know what mods are considered "Nightmare Mod," and therefore it's usually common knowledge for us to know that an alert with such a mod as reward will be a Nightmare Alert. This is also indicated by the red exclamation alert symbol when hovering over the mission node.


However, half the time, it seems it's not something certain players notice. In fact, I just entered a game today (the alert for Hammer Shot), and they were asking "why don't we have shields?"


So my suggestion is simple: give an additional visual cue that it's a Nightmare Alert mission. Nightmare nodes have a skull on them and are red; alerts have an exclamation symbol and the node's yellow. Why not make a Nightmare Alert have the skull and the "!" above it or something? *MGS flashback imminent* The node could even be orange, to show the mix of Alert (yellow) and Nightmare (red).


Some people will still not pay attention to that. It's bound to happen, but at least an additional visual cue will help certain others notice it.

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