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*rare Mod* Inner Chakra -Open To Advice


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Location/ Drop Rate/ Rarity/ Drop Mob/ Polarity:

Let's start off with the location, I'm not exactly sure if i want to go with the monster it drops from but it's worth a shot. DE Can change this if they decide to.


Planet: Eris, Nimus

Drop Rate: 2.5% - 5.5%

Rarity: Rare, Such as (Crimson Dervish, Malicious raptor, Bite, Sanctuary)

Drop monster: Ancient Disruptor

Polarity: - Dash Polarity a.k.a Naramon

Mod Point: Consumption of 5 max at 10 - 15 if DE or I Decide to change the max rank to 10

Conclave: consumption 10 at the beginning - 45 - 50 at max rank



Tap into your inner chakra and pull out (10% R1 - 20% - R2 - 30% R3  - 40% R4 - 50% R5 --> May continue to Max Rank at 10 May not due to the percentage increase each time) energy for 5 seconds of reduced (Duration R1 10%/ R2 15%/ R3 20% R4 25%/ R5 30% - Strength - or Range *Percentages from first example apply to the next to) <--- The Duration, Strength, and Range Only Vary Because of different frames using support abilities or strength abilities even range abilities. The Mod Will automatically detects what mods you're using.. so say if you're using Duration Mods the most in your build (2, 3 cards)(if you have 2 strength cards/ 2 duration cards it will split among the 2 - 5% each, 10% each, ect) it will only reduce duration (Constitution, NM, Continuity). But Let Me give you the description without the stats in the middle.


-Tap into your inner chakra and pull out an extra 10% energy for 5 seconds of reduced (Duration, Strength, or Speed)


-Might take a while for DE to program it but it will be worth it!-

*EDIT* Forgot to add the activation - When having the mod equipped, instead of the computer saying "Insufficient energy" It will just allow you to cast the mod if you have the right amount of energy for it


Ex: WOF Costs 100 energy and if you have INNER Chakra maxed at rank 5 which gives you 50% Energy to borrow, you'd need 50 energy to cast it.. Sort of like streamline where it increases efficiency and allows you to cast more for less but not exactly like it.


TBH Leave Comments i think i want the max amount of energy to borrow to be 75%, let me know what y'all think.


I'll be editing the post and crediting the people who actually gave advice daily.




I'd love the gold plated look around the Mod but the main and central look is going to be a NYX or Mirage (An Energy Consuming Frame) With their hands protruding out, and her chest out (Think of it as the beginning intro of the game, were excalibur is up in the pod and his hands are out and chest is exposed) and energy is flowing out all into the air around them.


Ty for taking your time to read this. This Idea was made by IVIuze, I've had some good advice from clan members and alliance members. I would credit them if i remembered their usernames. Please bump this post if you think this is good. Like i said, i'm open to advice, leave comments below, send those flames, flames will help me change what i need to change. BUMP! so DE Can see this! Hope i get a good set of supporters! Later

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I'm still confused but +1 for effort. 


Edit: Ah I think I get it. The sole purpose of the mod is to affect whatever ability trait you have the most mods for in your build.


Yes and allows you to cast the ability more efficiently but at a cost

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This could be way more easily implemented as a Corrupt Mod that increases energy efficiency at the cost of one of those three stats you mentioned.


...which I'm pretty sure already exists, though I can't remember the name.

It's like that, but it doesn't exist. It could fit in the corrupted mods category though. Just check the wiki please!

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