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Rebel Legion Uk Is Recruiting: In Need Of Hardcore Players But Casual Are Welcome Aswell!=P


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Rebel Legion UK is recruiting!!!! We are a FULLY equipped Mountain Clan ( on our way to become a Moon Clan) with many helpful and active members ( we will help you getting started as well^^).


Our objectives include being in the top leader scores of void missions, Hard Core T4Survival for many goodies^^,

and above all else having fun screwing around.


Well at last but not least, we also hold a Grand Slam clan once every month with a special prize of over 500+platinum!!!!!


For more info Check http://rluk.webs.com/   




If u need aditional help u can always pm(ingame):

-Wannabyyy( officer)-->dumbass/not trustworthy

-vwdavew ( warlord)--->serious person

-mikeee (warlord)------>serious person

-atrilo (warlord)...hum i dont recomend this one btw xDDDDDDDD

-bedford (officer)-------> he's gay btw.

-overtwizzard-----------> ( always off when everyone is on and always on when everyone is off-.-')



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