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Dark Sector Pvp


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This is not a complaint about taxes, I have plenty of credits and could care less.  This is a complaint on how dark sectors pvp is handled. 


I join the underdogs in a fight against the 75% taxes and each time I join, I get slaughtered by warframes using their ultimate.  I think to myself, well, they must have been in room for awhile so find another...


This time I get in at beginning.  I'm MR 17 with tons of great gear but because Im fighting with clones, the other side levels much faster.  I can never get my gear worth a dam to compete because it just gets worse as time goes on. 


A better system would be just to allow your gear from the start.  This system creates horrible 1 sided losses or wins.  There really is no pvp.  Just kill as many specters / cannon fodder you can, then spam ultimate. 


My last match I had a molecular prime spam at spawn point while I was still level 1. 


Oh, and the underdog is also not rewarded either in terms of battlepay. 


Just going to ignore dark sectors for now, this is not even Beta ready. 

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It doesn't matter that you are in with clones. You have to mod you gear smart... mods come online in the order you slot/install them...top-left to bottom-right.


Just hang back behind cover and take out enemy AI and a spector or 2. Your gear should start coming online.

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Aware of that, I left off mods not needed in PvP and only brought melee / side arm to level them faster.  I've even moved the mods into a good arrangement since I've forma the frame.  If your getting raped at spawn point with ultimate's, you'll never get any XP to counter.  If your going for underdog, you'll never even remotely get a fair fight. 


Why not just have gear from start.  Would be just as fair as this nonsense. 


With this system, a monopoly is possible.  It is impossible for an attacker with less battle pay to take a node. 

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This is actually very common and it also happens to me a lot! It sounds like you were PUGing and the opposite team had a head start leveling. Here is a thread my Opinion of DS conflicts and some suggestions. Hopefully it helps you out!





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