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Looking For Advanced Explanations Of Mod Polarity And Synergies



So the refresh button just ate my post, so I"ll try to remember everything I said :(


I've been playing off and on since beta and just hit mastery 6 so I know the game pretty well. The idea of mixing elemental damage is new to me, but I'm getting the hang of it.


What I want to learn is how the positioning of polarity slots works so that I can start effectively using forma on the better weapons. What I've discovered myself is that the ORDER that elemental damage mods are placed matters, but I can't recreate the concept of WHERE they are placed making a difference. Here's a video of what i'm talking about



He suggests moving the upper left polarity down to the lower left slot, which I don't understand at all. Is there a hidden synergy of mods between rows and/or collums? The thing is this video is fairly recent so I don't think he was playing on a different major update, and I doubt it was an error because he seems to really know his stuff.


If someone could explain this or direct me to a guide that does it would be much appreciated. Also big thanks to Mogamu for his videos, they've saved me countless hours of googling each weapon of their effectiveness, and honestly helped to keep me interest in the game by avoiding excessive searching.

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Elemental Damage Combinations are made by following a mod placement hierarchy. This hierarchy is from closest to top left (first to be considered) to closest to bottom right (last to be considered) on the mod layout. Innate weapon elemental damages are considered the last in the hierarchy. However, you can force it to be in a different position in the hierarchy if you use a mod of the same element as the innate element (e.g. putting Stormbringer on the top left slot of Synapse will change the position of its innate electric damage from last in hierarchy to first in hierarchy). Also, if using multiple mods with the same element, the first position is defining when they get combined.


Load Order

As an example: If you're using an 18px-Electricity_b.png Electricity standalone weapon such as Prova and Lecta, then adding 18px-Cold_b.png Cold , 18px-Toxin_b.png Toxin , and 18px-Heat_b.png Heat in 1, 2 and 3 respectively get: 18px-Viral_b.png Viral (18px-Cold_b.png Cold + 18px-Toxin_b.png Toxin ) and 18px-Radiation_b.png Radiation (18px-Heat_b.png Heat + 18px-Electricity_b.png Electricity ).

Combinations can sum additional damage from the basic elemental damages, as long as the combination follows first before other elementals can be attached to the specified weapon.

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The reason he moves Cryo Rounds out of the D polarity is, as he states, to keep it from combining with Infected Clip to make viral damage.


He's displaying a common Void loadout of corrosive damage (poison + electricity) and cold damage.  Warframe combines primary elements into secondary elements in the order their places on the weapon, from left to right/top to bottom.  This means to create corrosive + cold damage, you always have to have poison and electricity before cold.  It can be poison --> electricity --> cold, or electricity --> poison --> cold; either way works because it just needs to be poison + electricity to make corrosive.


The reason why he moves it from the top row to the bottom is just because of polarity.  Cryo Rounds is D polarity, but if he leaves it in the D slot - the first slow on his rifle - it will always combine with whatever element he places second, which in this case is the poison he wants to use to make corrosive.  If he did cold --> poison --> electricity, the cold and poison would combine to make viral, and he'd be left with viral + electricity, which isn't what he wants.


He could put the poison mod in the first slot, but he doesn't because it's the wrong polarity and would take up too much capacity.  So instead he leaves the D slot open and just moves the Cryo Rounds out of it to keep them in the right order and keep from using too much capacity.


So no, there isn't any synergy between top and bottom mods or anything like that.  The only reason he's changing rows is because of awkward polarity placement.

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Weapon element is last 9


This. No need to make it more complicated.


The only thing I would add is the elements with base damage that is pre-combined, like radiation, will not combine with single elements. Rad+Electric is not normally possible. If you try it on an electric weapon it'll just be pure rad as the electric combines like regular electric. If you try it on an actual radiation based weapon, it will work. Raw electric will not mix with the pre-existing radiation. This makes combo weapons very nasty.

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