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Dark Sector Change Ideas


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I am a fan of PvP and I like the base idea around how Dark Sectors work.  The current system is just not working for a few key reasons that I would like to discuss.  I would like to touch on the things everyone seems to be mentioning, but I would also like to address things that no one else seems to be talking about.




First, let's start with OP skills:


Blade Storm:  Obviously.  I would cut the damage it currently does in half, and even then monitor it to see if that was good enough.  Once Ashes start using this, it seems to be game over for the opposing side.


Snow Globe:  The slow effect from this thing is just ridiculous.  I suggest tweaking how much it slows down other players.





Now, let's move on to how it is basically impossible to win one of these things as an attacker.


I don't expect to win a node without organizing an entire alliance, but I would like to have a fighting chance to win a round without getting a whole squad together.  


The main problem here is the xp.  When going up against 4 people in a squad, the opposing side no longer spawns Specters, which give a nice amount of xp (220+) in the beginning, while players, who are almost always harder to kill only give 57.  I am of the mindset, that this makes no sense at all.  Killing a player should award at least the same amount of xp, if not double that of a specter.





And finally, spawn camping.


So many things can be done to make this less of an issue.  Longer invulnerability after spawning, cannot be harmed while in spawn area (teleported automatically out of spawn area after 10 seconds), multiple spawn points, etc.  I think any of these would be better than what is currently in effect.




That's all I have for now.  Not a lot of examples here, but this is the big stuff that makes it really frustrating to play Dark Sectors.

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