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Does Matchmaking/grouping Require An Overhaul?


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Personally I'm of the opinion that it really does. Hopefully if the Devs plan to any changes will be implemented sometime soon after U15. (I doubt they'd be able to get any changes done before or at the release of U15.)


My current issues with Matchmaking:


1. Does not take the Host's Ping (or possible location) into account, leading to any "guests" having connection/lag issues, with enemies teleporting around or abilities going off after a minute later.


2. Does a poor job of grouping players based on power, leading to newbies (with low rank gear and mods) being matched with "Veterans" (who have maxed mods and weapons like Boltor Prime or Soma.)  With this issue there is also the side effect of the scaling going crazy, trying to match the power of the highest individual, while saying "Screw You" to the newbies who find their weapons are now pea-shooters.

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It's more than just these 2 points made here by Eagle.

We could realy use a tool to help set up groups, instead of the try to find somebody in the recruiting channel. The way it is now is scaring of new players from bothering with grouping up  with other players to do void and odd. We don't want to scare of new tenno we want them to join us in battle. ^^

An LFG tool, where we can mark that the players for this group is keysharing T1CAP keys, and then only people with T1CAP Key(s) in inventory can join. It would also be nice with a listing of games beeing hosted so one could search for games, and or some sort of auto joining feature.

And to sort of fix the problem explained by Eagle, we could need a sort of Conclave rating between X and Y so one could sett up groups of people with just about the same level of gear if the player hoslting didn't want low level players or high level players ruining the fun. :)

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I agree that matchmaking does need several improvements. Waiting for others to join or sorting trough the recruiting chat are note efficient methods.


Time spent looking for a group is time that could be spent actually playing; the longer it is, the more players might just decide to play something else.


I posted some suggestions here:



But, the important stuff is that:

1. We could use a better way than a chat channel to match up for specific content

2. Unpopular missions need to be made more rewarding to encourage replay

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