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That Moment In Conflict When...


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That moment in conflict when you see a alliance paying 100k+ Creds and you can't join because the UI says no opponents can be found. Honestly I am really hating this warframe alliance crap, and how alliances are always allying with each other(If noone has found out yet, alliances are having bigger alliances so they can keep their solar rail by attacking each other and doing nothing, that way noone loses and noone can get a solar rail). So I am hoping on DE making a way for solar rails to actually get attacked by people who actually want a solar rail so everyone gets a chance.. Back on to topic, I wish DE would let us do conflicts solo, like start our own squad and do the mission while we wait for everyone else to join instead of just sitting there waiting for an "Opponent" to be found, and how do you just say no opponents can be found in 1 second!? At least scan the area for at least a minute so I know there really aren't any "Opponents" 


Summary of my complaint:
DE should let us start the mission on our own while others will join us later, and then remove the ability for alliances to attack each other repeatedly without doing damage simply by removing the attacker if noone has done a successful attack within 1 hour, and once removed, other alliances can instantly attack that solar rail with the limited time left(removed solar rail of that alliance will by banned from attacking that solar rail for a week)

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