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Mark (G3, Stalker, Harvester) Identification Feature


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Would like to see some kind of icon to tell players what mark they currently have. And how many missions they still have to do to get the mark they want.


The benefit would be that players don't unnecessarily grind missions to get a mark they haven't used yet.


This issue arose when I was in a mission and got a G3 trigger and subsequently 2 hosts DCed one after another, then the mission got canceled and i was returned to the ship. Now I don't know if i still have the mark or not..

Brakk is one of only two weapons i still have left to complete the codex... my frustration at this point is almost at its limit......

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awesome :D


Also. Some people *cough* me *cough* just say we have marks just so we don't have to grind to get the marks.

well.. i'm okay with having to do something to get the mark in the first place. As in, being marked is a consequence for delivering a side in a conflict a significant blow. And the exterminates don't last too long, so that's okay too I think.

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