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A Few Mods Etc,

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T1 capture -2

T1 defense -2

T1 MD-6


T2 capture -2


Bo prime ornament-1

Frost prime chassis-1

Mag prime chassis -1

Orthos prime blade-1

Wyrm prime cerebum-1


Bane of grineer-1



R5 cores rare-6

Hornet strike-1


Killing blow-1

Organ shatter-1

North wind-1

Molten impact-1

Piercing hit-1

Point blank-1

Point strike-1

Smited infested-1

Smited grineer-1

Speed trigger-1




Message me on xbox live  for a trade


All keys 5p each

All mods 5-10p will trade cryo rounds for infected clip

Prime stuff 25p


Ty have a good day

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