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(Suggestion) Darvo's Deals Or Something Like It


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I have a couple of ideas about making discounts (like Darvo's deals)


1)DE should add a  24 hour discount every day ,that resets at the same time that trades and revives (a "Deal of the day" or something like that).The item and % should be random (25,50, 75% with 75 having a very low chance to happen).The items would be everything from the market (resources,weapons,bundles maybe,etc).

It doesn't sound profitable for DE but I believe it is. Let's say someone can't(or doesn't want to) pay 800 for a stalker bundle but suddently a 50/75% discount appears for 24 hours and the bundle now costs 400/200 plat . They will think it twice and maybe buy it ( a lot of people paying 400/200 it's better than a few paying 800). Another day you may have an orokin reactor or a neurode for 15/10/5pl each.It's a win/win (I hope so)


2)DE already added a 30pl+ 50% discount  on your next platinum purchase as a daily reward .They should add a discount (25/50/75 again...) on a single item that the player can choose. The discount would be available for the next 12/24 hours.
Another example: I get a 75% discount (always the best scenario), but I don't have plat at all (or I don't have enought to buy something even  with the discount.)
What can I do? Well, I can sell my stuff at the trading channel, start farming to sell things OR I can go to DE's store and buy some plat using real money because I don't want to lose the discount .


Please DE, you can at least give it a try to the first idea  for a week  with random discounts on random items to see if it's good/profitable. If it is ,it can remain in the game forever and if it doesn't ,you can ban me and sue me (ok,forget the last part, please don't sue me)

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The %discount in-game as a daily reward sounds terrible for DE, better make pl purchases half price.



Having a random daily sale sounds like it might work, and DE could always set it up and see if they get more or less plat traffic. I would limit it to weapons, frames and cosmetics though, and nothing from the most recent update(s) to avoid hurting what already sells.


Also, 50% off and once per person (if it is relevant) would be more reasonable for DE. They do need to make a profit, and 75% would likely hurt.

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Not a bad idea and I like it, too. However, it will encourage other kind of behavior, players will stop buying anything at all altogether and will just wait for the discounts to come around. 


Maybe, but people who buy platinum aren't exactly the patience type. Besides ,if you put ALL the market items (resources,weapons,helmets,syndanas,colour palettes, I said bundles  but this would probably  be a problem for DE , considering the amount of plat they cost), it's gonna be really hard to get what you want (it's all about luck......and rng,like everything in warframe)

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