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Unable To Purchase Platinum


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Once again I have been tempted - I have received the 50% discount.


So, yes, I was thinking of buying a bit of platinum - but strangely, the only way I could purchase it it was via Steam (and that would mean wasting money, because Steam requires me to pre-purchase in steps of 5 Euro, while I want an uneven amount of Euro worth of platinum)


I remember that it was possible to also use PayPal and Credit Card - but those options do not appear.


In addition, while my account registers that I am in Europe, all platinum prices appear in US Dollar.



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I don't know then.


The only time I remember steam being offered as the only payment option is when I was trying to buy plat through steam overlay, so yeah. If it's the case in your browser as well, maybe clear cache and cookies?


As for the prices currency, it always displays in dollars for me and switches to euro whenever the overlay of chosen payment system pops out.


Contact support I guess.

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