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[Bug] Instant Reload With High Fire-Rate Primaries


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As seen in the video, a friend (miyukachi, she wants her credit) discovered a bug allowing a weapon to instantly reload, seen tested here.


This isn't the same as Reload Canceling (although you will need to break the animation early) because the ammo is returned to full clip size instantly (note the ammo counter as soon as it hits 0), rather than having to wait for 50-75% progress.


The video demonstrates this with the Amprex, but we also tested it with Soma (works), Boar Prime, Hek, AkZani, and Latron Wraith/Prime (don't work). So far our assumption is that it only works with primary weapons, and only with very high fire-rate weapons.


The steps are pretty simple, but since this could conceivably considered an exploit I'd like to confirm that it's alright to post the steps here, or if I should submit a ticket directly to DE.

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Most of the community already actively does this.


really? i did a search before i posted this and while i found alot of references to reload cancelling (starting a reload and cutting the animation short when the ammo returned), i didnt find any references to the ammo appearing as soon as the clip was depleted.


granted, i am a relatively new player, having only started in the last month... have any other players noticed this previously?

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