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I was thinking this mission could replace the Ambulas one, or be a new mission where you are in a new corpus map in the snow.

1. (Nerfed to be easy)Ambulance spawns with OP fire rate

2. Ambulance easily gets killed

3. Corpus guys says 'lol, he was a prototype'

4. A giant Ambulas maker appears

5. Tenno have to kill Ambulas maker before number of Ambulas overwhelms Tenno

6. When Ambulas maker destroyed, Tenno must kill left over Ambulas

7. Lotus like O_o

8. Must go to extraction

9. When going to extraction a giant Ambulas appears

10. Extraction ship comes and gets shot down by giant Ambulas

11. Must kill Ambulas before extraction

12. Ambulas Rewards player with rare resources or rare blueprints

13. Ambulas inventor guy ( Corpus guy ), comes out and is like ' You haven't seen the last of my inventions'.

14. Corpus guy gets encountered in another mission , the type of missions where you get support from Grineer

15. Corpus guy in a Mech suit and kills all your Grineer support

16. You have to kill Corpus guy once and for all ( Reward for killing him, a secret to the new government of the Corpus and a new planet segment)

17. When corpus guy dies his helmet falls of and you relies he is a Tenno

18. Corpus guy dies and you have to go extraction

19. Mission over

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