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Guys I Need A Little Help With This Build I Got.



So I have the latron wraith with 3 formas all "V". Here's a view of the build.



But the problem I'm having is the rank 8 heavy caliber having a -45 accuracy making it very spread out, harder to land them headshots and sometimes body shots. So here's another pic show you!



Now onto my reason for me to tell you all this, What could I replace heavy caliber with that would be the second strongest for modding in all 4 factions?

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fact is, that you should form your weapon some more and add _ so u can put 90% elemetnal damage instead of 60%


and heavy caliber is ok as long as u use latron for short/medium range


but if you prefere accuracy, you should put hammer shot, extra crit damage is great against any faction...and u can switch it with the grinner/corpus/infested bane damage if u want to specialize against one of them

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Latron Wraith is probably better modded for raw damage than status, so I would try and fit two non-event elemental mods on there.


In terms of damage output, Hammer Shot is probably the next best addition after HC, although in terms of sustained DPS, Wildfire would probably do better.


I run a blast damage build on my LatronW as I use it for fun, so my build has both of those mods.

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