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Fellowship Of Disciples Accepting Anyone To Join!


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Fellowship of Disciples is a clan that I started this morning with a vision in mind for what I want it to become. But in order to achieve that vision I will need people that are willing to join and help out some.

My vision for Fellowship of Disciples is for it to become a place where anyone can be made welcome and can receive encouragement from clan mates. I want a clan that is grounded in the Bible where fellow Christians can find each other and band together to help each other out and encourage one another.

It will be a casual clan. I personally play mostly on the weekends so I know it's tough to stay involved in a clan with a bunch if people that play several hours a day. You won't have to be on all the time in Fellowship of Disciples. It will have a relaxed atmosphere.

Every week, I will post words of encouragement straight from the Bible on the message of the day.

Of course, just like any other clan, we will have all the necessities like research, dueling rooms etc. so you won't be missing out on any of that. Currently, however, the dojo is empty and members are needed to help build it and achieve the vision for this clan.

Anyone is welcome to join! You aren't required to be a Christian. You can join just for the casual and friendly environment.

Disruption of the peace will be cause for immediate explulsion from the clan. Also due to limited space, if you do not log on for 60 days you will also be kicked. If you are going to be gone that long then let me know first.

Message me in PSN or just comment here to join. I may not be able to send you the invite immediately as I only play on the weekends.

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