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Hold "use" To Use Cipher? [Suggestion]


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We all know ciphers right? The little thingies you craft so you don't have to bother solving the puzzle or speed the process up?  

Well, I find them pointless, because the way you use it makes them pretty much irelevant. You have to press the use button, wait for the UI to come up, click use cipher, then the puzzle turns and UI slowly dissapears... I can almost do the puzzle in time it takes to do that.  

So my suggestion is, make it so we can walk up to the console and hold the use button to automatically use the cipher.   

That would make it significantly faster and less annoying to use imo and shouldn't be that hard to implement.   


EDIT: Forgot to mention, there is also the annoying animation when your warframe interacts with the console and when you leave it, which further contributes to the slowness of it

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